Some Fashion Classics That You Should Know About

Some Fashion Classics That You Should Know About

Have you ever watched a really old movie where you have looked at the main female character and noticed that she has styled herself in a way that is done even today? In fashion there are many changes that keep happening but in spite of all these changes there are some things that remain constant. These are basically fashion classics that are named so because they work even today. When you are seeking the fashion classics like the top knot, then you should look at so attractive and easy hair knot styles to pick one.

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Another classic that seems to have survived the ages is glitter but you will need to know about applying makeup with glitter – some dos and don’ts. This is one thing that you have to do subtly and not try and go overboard. Another fashion classic is the lipstick but for this to work and stay on your lips for a longer time you need to look at want your lipstick to last longer? Here is a tutorial to do that.

Without Much Ado, Here We Present Four Fashion Classics That Have Not Only Managed To Survive The Ages But Also Work For Girls And Women Of All Ages:

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Red lipstick: In older movies as well as movies today, you will see the female protagonist rock the look with red lipstick and it always manages to catch the attention of everybody. This is because red lipstick can work on everyone as long as they know a little secret behind it – there are many shades of red and you have to match one that goes with your coloring. With most people it is a matter of matching the tone of their skin with the kind of red lipstick they want to wear.

smoky eyes 2

smoky eyes 3

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Smoky eyes: Whenever there is a scene in the movies where the heroine is dressed to kill, you will notice that she has on smoky eyes. This is again a great look for seduction and this works as it makes the eyes of the woman look really mysterious. The only thing you have to remember is to adjust the intensity of the smoky eyes with the occasion you are going to. Another thing that younger girls trying the smoky eye look need to tone it down a bit to suit your age.

french knot at top of head 1

french knot at top of head 2

french knot at top of head 3

French knot on top of the head: This is again a look that is a classic and has worked over the ages with women making this work with all kinds of outfits. The classic French knot is a classic because it is really flexible. You can make it look really sleek and sophisticated or make it look casual by pulling a few tendrils loose to frame your face. That is also the reason a French knot is something that works as well with an evening gown as with a pair of jeans and T shirt.

little black dress 3

little black dress 2

little black dress 1

The little black dress: This classic has seen many versions and avatars but has managed to survive over the ages as the go-to dress that women don when they are going out. This classic is something that most women have in their wardrobe and if they don’t, they ought to. In a pinch it will work with a few touches for a party, some women have even known to wear the little black dress to office by adding a belt and a jacket to it.

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classic look 7

Now that you know the fashion classics, think of the ways you are going to work these into your look as per the occasion. When in doubt, you can always go to the classics and be well dressed for all occasions.