40 Cute Couple Quotes For Him: Learn To Say It Poetically

40 Cute Couple Quotes For Him: Learn To Say It Poetically

When you are in a relationship, then the tendency is to start off romantic and then move on to a levels of the relationship, where you take your loved one for granted. There is no doubt a comfort to doing that but at the same time all of us need to know that we are loved, valued and wanted. However when you try to tell your loved one about this, words may fail you and that is why it makes sense to have some quotes handy. While celebrating your togetherness by trying some of these cute matching couple tattoo ideas or wearing complementary couple costumes, using the right words can touch the right chord.

Cute Couple Quotes For Him

So here goes:

couple quotes rocksatar

You are my man, my rock and rockstar and part of my lifelong plan.

If I were to lose you anytime I think life would look as if I am in a mime.

Every time we say good bye I go into hibernation mode and then you are the one who can make me come back as you have the right code.


You are the book I want to face, I am all a twitter as my heart tweets for you, you pin my interest at all times and we are always going to be linked in.

Can I take a picture of you smiling as it can light up my day and will keep me from ever sinking into melancholy.

If our relationship is a melody then you hold the beat, if your relationship is a video then you are the audio and if there is a story of my life you are the hero.

couple quotes birds in the sky 2

Birds fly back to their nest at the end of their day and I long for the day when I can sink back into your arms after a very long day.

If it is possible to hold you in my eyes I would, if I could hold your voice in my ears I would, if I could make you part of my life then I would cherish my life as your wife.

The day we met my life began and I cannot wait for our permanent life together to begin.

I hope in the weeks of our life there is no weekend as I cannot imagine any time with you having an end.

I do not call you my boyfriend because you are more than that; you are my friend, you are my love and the very reason for me to smile.

couple quotes sunset

Sunsets are brighter when you are there with me, my heart is lighter just with the thought of you being in my life.

If there were a prison where I could imprison my longing for you then I would keep it safe there and share it with you when you feel low.

My love for you overflows so much so that the warmth of our love touches all those who are close to us.

couple quotes hugging

When you leave me after being together, always leave me with a hug and kiss so that I can keep going till the next time we meet.

I started believing in a benevolent fate the day you stepped in my path and it is the only reason I am happy with my life of late.

Today I wish for a forever life because it would mean we could be together forever.

couple quotes star in the sky

A star in the sky with your name on it would make my world brighter and my steps lighter as I know you will always be there looking at me.

When I see your face in a crowd, it is like having the light on after the darkness that blinds you.

You are like a drink of fresh water after a long parched period of thirst, you are like the first morsel of food when you are starving.

couple quotes together

The true meaning of all those love stories and love songs have become clearer and they seem to belong to my life since I met you.

You made me complete and that is why I want to give myself to you whole and soul.

I tremble when I feel you coming close and it is with all the love and longing that I hold close in my heart.

What makes you special is the fact that you don’t know how special you are!

couple quotes girl waking up

I love the thought of waking up to the sight of your face every morning and sleeping with you a vision of you in my eyes, last thing at night.

If I could I would make a day longer and a night shorter just so that I could get more time to spend with you.

Mad with longing was just a phrase to me before I met you and now it has become a state of mind.

couple quotes twinkle in the eye

You are the joy in my heart, the twinkle in my eye and the sparkle in my whole being.

If I had to choose between a lifetime with a lot of achievements as against one extra day with you I would always chose that blessed day with you!

I am glad to be a small part of your life as this way I know I am part of it but you should know that you are the whole of my life.

couple quotes girl playing paino

You have made me the artist of our love as I long to paint each moment colorful and make each note lyrical.

Food always tastes better when I share it with you, even water becomes invigorating when I drink it with you.

I am sure when we are together I know I have all I ever wanted or needed in my life.

You are my reason to get up in the morning and you are the reason that I like to get up to.

couple quotes garden of roses

A garden of roses will not be enough to tell you the way I feel about you as the flowers seem to fade when faced with the brilliance of your smile.

My friends call me crazy and I am; crazily in love you.

We are forever couple as we know that we are the ones that are meant to be together, today and for all the tomorrows to come.

I cannot believe that I had to wait so many years before I could meet you but I am sure that I will never have to be without you ever again.

couple quotes kissing

The taste of honey becomes bland when compared to your kisses and the best bed seems hard when compared to your arms around me.

I know the meaning of love, want and need only when I met you.