Check Out The Zuhair Murad Dresses Collection

Check Out The Zuhair Murad Dresses Collection

When it comes to fashion and the latest trends, you will find that the world is divided into three categories – one being intensely in love with fashion, the second being the ones who hate fashion and the third being ones who are indifferent to fashion. However, if you look at a Zuhair Murad, the chances are that there will be a reaction no matter which of the above mentioned categories that you belong to. Why? You ask. It is because the work of Zuhair Murad seems to take you back to a world where elegance rises up and meets intense sensuality. Probably if you are a devotee of fashion, then you would feature the creations of Zuhair Murad among the 20 dresses that made the whole year fantastic.

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It would also not be totally wrong to say that some of the cuts and styles he has used, could be among the eight famous dress cut styles to make you look good and beautiful. The creations of Zuhair Murad tend to use a lot of applique work that is almost jewel like. It would probably remind you of diamond jewelry and a more fashionable you, but that could be an expensive way of thinking.

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Here Are Some Things That You Should Know About Zuhair Murad Collections:

His origins can be traced back to Beirut from where he moved to Paris for his career in fashion.  He made his first appearance on the fashion scene in 1999 at Rome. He not only designs couture but his work also features other things like ready to wear clothing, fashion accessories and even eye wear. He has also made plans to expand into the fashion world further by adding beauty products, perfumes, lingerie and even swimwear.

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He has made many top stars like Ivana Trump, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Vanessa Williams, Kellie Pickler, Beyonce Knowles, and Taylor Swift among many others.

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In fact many of his creations have made their appearance in award ceremonies etc. Many of the creations of Zuhair Murad seem as if they have taken some elements of romance that is usually the purview of wedding dresses and also some elements of sensuality and opulence from the gowns of the past that openly celebrated the curves of a woman.

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This means many of the creations of Zuhair Murad will have a look that is inimitable but also have different kinds of textures to make the creation even more interesting. His creations tend to be pretty revealing of the body of the person who is wearing them even if they are covered from neck to toe. This could be either due to the way the fabric skims over the person who is wearing it. Or it could be due to generous slit on the gown that allows tantalizing glimpses of the legs without letting it all be revealed all the time.

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Since many creations of Zuhair Murad use applique work generously, there is a lot of focus on the bodice area. Though you will see the applique work is not necessarily limited to only the bodice area, he is also known to use it all over or on certain areas that are pretty unusual like the waist. You can see that he has even used the applique work in patches in places that are pretty unusual and more frequently like on the torso and near the feet for a unique look.

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What is so great with Zuhair Murad creations is that they are not typical not only in terms of fabrics used or the styles used or even the use of prints versus plain. He tends to make the best use of all these things in his lovely creations.


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