25 Stunning Watch Designs To Keep You Up With The Times

25 Stunning Watch Designs To Keep You Up With The Times

The scope of fashion is almost endless as everything that adds to a person’s looks comes under its purview. When it comes to the female gender ranging from a girl in her teens to a more mature woman, this can cover a lot of ground. While today watches are not considered that essential they are still very much a part of the fashion scene. In fact, one has to just look at leather and the role it plays in fashion to know that watches can be a part of the fashion accessory scene.

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Watches need not be just about utility; they can go beyond that and become part of fashion and it is a fact that many sophisticated black and white fashion ideas also use the watch as a part of the outfit. Even when it comes to playful and casual outfit ideas for girls, you can put to use some of these cute bracelet ideas for girls to create a casually good look.

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Here Are Some Of The Types Of Stunning Watch Ideas You Could Come Across:

Simple, classic and elegant: This is the everyday look for a watch, worn either with a simple leather strap or with a simple metal strap; this simple accessory provides the last touch for a girl’s ensemble as she gets ready to take on her studies or office work.

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Dressy and jewel like for formal use: Each girl wishes for and strives to acquire a watch that is almost jewel like. This watch is the go to watch when she wants to dazzle with a really pretty and sophisticated look. This watch can cost you big money as it could have crystals, pearls, semi-precious stones or even made of precious metals like platinum, gold or silver.

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Dressy and fun for casual use: This is the kind of watch that is playful and fun and has funky features. The best part is that this watch can come in many disguises and may not look at all like a watch. Another thing about this watch is that it need not be that expensive and girls may buy more of these to go with different outfits.

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Ring watch: This is a watch that is purely for novelty value but does look really cute and garners a lot of attention and is more of a conversation piece than anything else. It is fun to wear and show off when you are hoping to be the center of attention in a casual setting.

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The locket watch: This can be worn in style while going out in the evenings for a special watch. Normally the locket watch would be the kind that would open up and the top part would be covered in some form of filigree design and could also be made to have an antique look. Some quirky touches like keys; cute crystals etc can be added to make the pendant look even prettier and individualistic.

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The rugged watch: This is the best watch for going out in an old pair of jeans and most comfortable sneakers to do things on the run. A girl may wear this watch when she is exercising or running about doing chores. It is cute but utilitarian and is cool in a masculine kind of way. This watch could also have additional features that will tell you temperature, direction etc.

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Apart from the watches described here, you may even have some special watch like the one that you inherited and that has special value for you that goes beyond the monetary value of the watch. These watches need to be handled with care and worn with even more.