Rhinestones And How They Add Glitz And Glamour To Your Wardrobe

Rhinestones And How They Add Glitz And Glamour To Your Wardrobe

What is a rhinestone? It is actually an imitation diamond or diamante that is made from plastic or some such things and is used to add glitter to different types of a girl’s attire. It can be used in many ways starting from the toes to the top of the head. When used right, rhinestone can bring on a glamorous party like look to your attire. However, many girls and women do not know when the glitter they have used has become too much. They can do very well to know about applying glitter makeup along with some dos and don’ts, so that they get it just right.

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It is simply a matter of balancing the glitter of the rhinestone with the right colors and plainer accessories. That is why women out to read up on party wear for women and know how to go about it. This way they can look glitzy without looking as if a ball of glitter has exploded on them helter-skelter. In fact, the skilful use of rhinestones can result in DIY fashionable and money saving ideas to try to save up on money while dressing really well.

Here Are Some Ways That You Can Effectively Use Rhinestone To Add Some Pizzazz To Your Wardrobe In Different Ways:

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Accessories become better: It is a fact that when you have some favorite accessories that you have been using over time like a favorite belt or a bracelet it can become worn out and look old. One of the ways to make the accessories to look better and renew their look is by the skilful addition of rhinestones on to them.

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Add them to party wear: It goes without saying that silk and satin dresses that you wear to parties can do with the proper addition of rhinestones to them. However, when you add rhinestones to a dress then it has to be done with the right skill so that you draw attention to the body part that you want to highlight. So it could be either the bodice, or the straps, sometimes it is sleeves or it is the neckline or to the hem but generally speaking do not add rhinestones to all these parts of the dress to avoid it becoming too much.

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Use them on nails: Nail art can really get a serious lift into a glamorous look with the addition of rhinestones. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to do the nails with rhinestone art on them just before the event so that they don’t come off when you work or do other things.

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Glue it to shoes: One of the ways to convert those simple and somewhat boring pumps into party wear is with the addition of rhinestones to them. As an additional treat you can even ensure that the rhinestones that you use match the outfit and this way a neutral pair of shoes or sandals become party footwear.

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Hair accessories also pep up: Often a simple touch like a special clip on your hair or a hair ornament is all you need to convert a simple look into a party look. Rhinestones can be a simple way to pep up that hair accessory or an ornament. Even a hair band when done up with rhinestones and worn just so can make it look very celebratory.

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As you can see there are many ways, in which a simple and humble rhinestone can change the whole look of your ensemble and make it very glitzy and glamorous.