Moods, Colors And Fashions To Go With Them!

Moods, Colors And Fashions To Go With Them!

I started this blog based on something that happened to me. I ran into an old friend of mine and the first thing that I noticed about her was the shocking pink colored outfit she had on. Strictly speaking, that color was not what anyone would have chosen for her and at least not with the bright orange accessories that she had on, but she rocked the look. As I ran a practiced eye on her whole being, I realized what made the shocking outfit work so well was the big smile that she had on her face.

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I mean my friend (we can call her J) is a happy person and she is smiling for the most part, but today the smile on her face far outshone her outfit and that is saying something. Therefore, I invited her for a cold drink and we had an enlightening conversation about moods, colors and fashion. Since all of us are into fashion and are always eager to know more about such things, I will share the highlights.

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Color to suit your mood: This is something that all girls know and dress accordingly, but did you know that you can actually lift your mood by wearing a particular color? Yes, this is something that you should try when you are in a low mood. Think neon color fashions and how you can rock them and soon your mood will perk up too.

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Project an aura using particular colors: As you know the color you wear can reflect your mood or as demonstrated in the above point, colors can change your mood too. This means you can sometimes create a minor ripple in things around you to dress in particular colors to project an aura as desired. For instance, beautiful bold color fashion looks can make you look sexy and confident and this will project an aura that others cannot resist.

Pink to not let your mood sink: We all have particular days of the month when the spirits dip no matter what. Sometimes things can become so bad that you start doubting everything good about yourself and you should never let this happen. Keep a part of your wardrobe for those days and enjoy wearing beautiful pink colored outfits and find out why they are considered so feminine?

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Pick colors to suit your mood and disposition: Yes, the rules of fashion state that you should dress according to the color of your skin, hair and also as per the tone of your skin, but as you know fashion rules are meant to be broken. Especially considering that, you are talking about something as precious as your mood. The fact is that when you wear any color with confidence, it starts suiting you.

Colors, fashions are something that are part of your personality as you start wearing them. And sometimes when your mood needs a lift, something as simple as wearing a particular color may be all that you need to do. However, when you wear colors that you have been told do not suit you but want to wear anyway, then wear them with confidence.

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Nobody will tell you this secret, but fashion has rules that need to be followed most of the times but in some cases you can break them as long as you feel good about doing that and manage to carry yourself in style and with confidence. Take J for instance, it does take a certain amount of confidence to put shocking pink and orange together, but she did and it actually looked amazing!