Dhruv Singh – The Magical Touch That He Brings To Clothing

Dhruv Singh – The Magical Touch That He Brings To Clothing

If you are into designer wear and follow trends you may know about this designer – Dhruv Singh who managed to start his career in clothing design with a bang. He won a competition even as a student in his final year. When it comes to fashion we all know that designers do not win awards for being mediocre and need to be really outstanding. That is what Dhruv is known to have done, he used the humble cotton to create a collection that stood its test against as many as 12 more competitors in the finals of the competition.

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He not only won a sizable monetary reward for winning this competition , but also got entry to Supima Fashion show which takes place at New York during fashion week. He won the competition by designing three outfits where the theme was fashion following function. These three categories included Avant garde, diffusion and also prêt. The collection was judged by leading names in the fashion industry. In fact the whole competition was to use cotton to create a royal and rich look breaking the monopoly of brocades and silk that are use for richer looking garments. This required that cotton be shown as a fabric rich enough to be worn in stylish and contemporary outfits.

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When you look at colorful Indian bridal looks and makeup ideas, one would hardly think of cotton but the designs of Dhruv Singh make us think in that direction.  Some of the looks that have been created by wearing Dhruv Singh collections would be further enhanced with the addition of beautiful jewelry designs for women.

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According to Dhruv Singh, his inspiration for his design came from that almost hypnotizing appeal and grace of the Nautch girls who have a way of draping the dupatta or the top cloth, which when combined with the volume of their skirts or ghaghras kept him enchanted. They have an uninhibited elegance and a posture that is pretty adorable. His collection according to him was a homage to the richness, the expressions, the richness, the softness and the flamboyance of the Nautch girls. When the Nautch girls danced on a platform one had to admire the whole look they projected.

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One has to catch a glimpse of beautiful women wearing heavy jewelry to see how this look could be blended in with the rich look of the Nautch girls. More so when you look at the color combinations that Dhruv has used, sticking mostly to earthy colors including mustard, browns, mud reads and made it look even better with cut work that comes from the state of Gujarat, Block prints, use of cotton threads and embroidery that comes from the southern part of India. This has been put on many types of cotton. This is what gives his ensembles a raw but really classy look.

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The look that Dhruv Singh manages to project via his creations is that of elegance that is not too studied. It comes from the almost careless way that his clothing has been put together but when one starts to look at the detail in the work, you will realize that the whole effect has been created very cleverly. The look that one can get from wearing a Dhruv Singh outfit is that of richness of the kind that is inherited and not new.

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This is a reflection of the inspiration that Dhruv Singh has drawn from Nautch girls who are very elegant and graceful without seeming to try too hard. Any woman aiming for this kind of look would go for clothes that have been designed by Dhruv Singh.