Creations Of Sabyasachi – A Celebration Of Femininity

Creations Of Sabyasachi – A Celebration Of Femininity

When it comes to fashions, what drives women crazy is owning something that has been created by a famous fashion designer. It is something that is exclusive and nobody else has something even remotely similar. Isn’t that all women want? To be special and unique and own something special that nobody else has? Well with a Sabyasachi creation, you will definitely have that.

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Who is Sabyasachi? He is a fashion designer who designs extravagant outfits of Indian heritage. This includes things like sarees, lehengas, anarkalis and other ensembles of Indian origin. What makes a Sabyasachi creation stand out is the clever and unique use of fabric, textures and patchwork to make the most beautiful of creations. Many a heroine from the Mumbai film industry has been dressed by the creations of Sabyasachi. In fact, he is known to have transformed the dressing styles of many leading ladies with his lovely sarees.

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Sometimes some of the creations of Sabyasachi bring to mind some of the examples of gorgeous lace wedding dresses for that romantic look. You will be taken back to the days of the past when you see women bedecked in the creations of Sabyasachi. It is very easy to see how you can get confused and start romanticizing about classy examples of vintage wedding dresses – 50s style when you admire ladies wearing some of these creations.sabyasachi 9

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Who wouldn’t want to own a designer outfit from the fashion in the 50s – the golden days of style and clothing, when the women loved to display their femininity with no apologies. The creations of Sabyasachi are known to be inspired from many things and in his own words, he finds inspiration in the personalized imperfection of the human hand. He is known to be inspired by many things like gypsies, deserts, antique textiles, prostitutes and also the culture of his hometown.

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His style swings from bridal creations to structured western outfits and that is why he has found popularity the world over with stars from Hollywood also seeking and wearing his creations. The one thing that you should know about Sabyasachi creations is that you cannot just throw it on; you will need to be prepared for the transformation it brings about.

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Since Sabyasachi’s creations are helped by the addition of suitable jewelry, he has branched into the designing of his own line of jewelry. He has been instrumental in bringing the saree to the forefront of fashion and he is also quite active in bringing Indian fabrics into the mainstream. His latest efforts are also in the field of designing traditional Indian outfits for men and he has also branched into kids wear.

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You will understand how Sabyasachi has become popular not only in India but also launched his collections in places like Milan, London and New York. His use of rich fabrics from the villages of India and his use of rich embroidery has earned him a place of his own. Wearing a creation by Sabyasachi has its own cachet due to the richness that the garment projects. One can easily feel like royalty when one wears one of these creations.

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There is an element of light and heavy fabrics in his creations that lets us know with single glance that this has to a creation of Sabyasachi and this is what women who buy his collection and wear it want. It is the real mix of traditional look , with rich jewel like colors and intricate work on the cloth along with the exclusivity of his creations that make a Sabyasachi creation stand out.