Types Of Shorts That Women Can Wear

Types Of Shorts That Women Can Wear

A few decades back, it would have been unthinkable for a girl or woman to wear shorts, but today we can see many women and girls enjoying their freedom and comfort in shorts. They not only look good on them but can also be very versatile, so much so that some people have even known to wear proper shorts to a formal do. In fact, denim shorts are very popular in this genre even as one wonders why women in denim shorts always look so hot.

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Apart from the fact that shorts would definitely feature in some choices for what you should wear to the beach, it is also important to know what types of shorts are out there so that you can make the right choice. This is rather important as most people mistakenly believe that shorts are essentially masculine wear but there are feminine versions like lace shorts out there. In addition, unless you know what to wear with lace shorts, you may not be able to carry off the look properly.

So Here We Tell You About Some Of The Broad Categories Of Shorts That Women Can Wear So That You Can Make An Informed Choice About It:

women shorts cut offs 1

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Cut offs: These are basically a reincarnation of your favorite pair of jeans cut randomly to make rather cute and really interesting looking shorts. Normally these look good when worn by people who can carry it off confidently.

women shorts jean shorts 1

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Jean shorts: These are also essentially the same but they never had a past as a pair of jeans and have a more tailored look to them. However, not everyone can pull off wearing a pair of these, though they look amazing on those who do.

women shorts athletic shorts 3

women shorts athletic shorts 4

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Athletic shorts: These as the name suggests are shorts that are generally worn by people who want to exercise. It can also be worn casually to do things around the home and neighborhood and rank high in as far as comfort is concerned.

women shorts cargo shorts 1

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Cargo shorts: These are kind of loose and have many pockets to hold things, which means that they are good for comfort and carrying things in on the plus side but on the negative side, these shorts look good only on petite women.

women shorts bermudas 1

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Bermudas: These are quite great for comfort but may lack the glamour quotient. That is the reason one would wear Bermudas when one is not in the mood to impress others but rather be comfortable.

women shorts plaid shorts 1

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Plaid shorts: They are on the same lines of Bermuda shorts but come in a different material and can look good when worn right.

women shorts capris 3

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Capris: These are shorts that work women who want to look good without sacrificing on modesty. These come to just below the knees and look amazing when they are well fitted and worn with the right top to go with them.

women shorts hot pants 8

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women shorts hot pants 7

Hot pants: As far as shorts are concerned, these are considered the most glamorous and this is because they are cut really high. When you have a pair of well toned legs along with a trim midriff, you can have a pair of these on and be guaranteed that all eyes will be on you.

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Apart from these basic styles, shorts also come in many different materials and if you know what works on you, you can not only look great but also be comfortable. The thing about shorts is they allow you to move about and once you have the right one on, you will find that there is nothing like the freedom of moving around in a pair. The one thing you have to make sure is that your legs are toned and well groomed so that you pull off the look really well.