20 Cute Tutu Dresses: Know More About Them

20 Cute Tutu Dresses: Know More About Them

Do you know what a Tutu is? A tutu is a fluffy skirt made of tulle or lace or some such light material that is usually worn in Ballet. This combined with a body stocking or leotard completes the outfit. Since people who are into ballet have a trim waist, a sculpted torso and lovely legs, this outfit looks amazing. This style or elements of it have been adopted to make tutu dresses. The thing about tutu dresses is that it looks adorable on little girls but for a grownup to pull it off takes some doing. In fact if you dress your little girl in a tutu dress along with cute hairstyles for little girls with long/short hair, the results are pretty stunning.

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Having said that it is difficult for a grown woman or girl to make the tutu style work for them, when done right on a grown girl or woman the results are stunning. This claim is validated in these examples of gorgeous lace wedding dresses for that romantic look. It goes without saying that it would make it as part of cool teen fashion ideas for girls. So in case you are thinking of going for tutu style dress for you or someone else, then read on to know how to go about it:

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Go pastel when picking out dresses for little girls: There is something about the tender skin of little girls that calls for the use of pastels and it makes sense to dress smaller children in cute and fluffy dresses in tutu style; it adds to their cuteness. The one thing you have to ensure is that the material used for creating the skirt is not scratchy but soft as befits the skin of younger children.

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For grownups, the length of the tutu is important: If you are wearing a tutu or planning to get the length right or else the person will end up looking ridiculous. Too short and the tutu will make the person look as if they have a huge bum. Plus you need to ensure that length of the tutu skirt is not only flattering but also hides the flaws (if any) of your body.

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Make sure the waistband is chosen carefully: This is another thing that affects the way the tutu is going to look on somebody. A person with a longer torso, which also happens to be slimmer, can look better with a bigger waistband. The same way a slightly thicker waistline can be camouflaged with a draped waistline. A thin band of a waistline will look good on those who have slightly shorter legs.

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Go for darker colors when it comes to grownups: The thing about tutu style dresses for the slightly grown up girl or woman is that you need not restrict yourself to a lighter color palette or just pastel shades. In fact, jewel like darker shades and even black colored tutu outfits will look good on them. It goes without saying that lighter shades will also work but you need not restrict yourself to just these.

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As you can see though tutus do not work on all body types, they can be modified and some elements of this style can be added to your outfit for a feminine and voluptuous look. The one thing you have to make sure while wearing a tutu style dress is to ensure that your legs are well groomed and you carry yourself with the utmost confidence. Make sure that the top you are wearing with a tutu skirt is also well fitted and works with it.