Learn About How To Get Your Perfumes Right

Learn About How To Get Your Perfumes Right

When we talk of fashion, there is a lot of reference to the clothes we wear, the shoes we don, the makeup we put on and the accessories that we add and rightly so. However, while all these aspects of fashion are important and deal with the visual impact, there is another sensual aspect of fashion that we cannot overlook – that of how we smell. This is a very important part, which is attested to by the huge success of the perfume sector. However while people are very clear about what to do like some choices for what you should wear to the beach, they are not certain about what perfume to go with.

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This is because many people do not really realize that even if they have the sexy pin up girl fashion styles going for them, the look will not be complete if they do not smell the part. However, this does not actually mean that you run out there and buy the hottest smelling perfume in the market. In fact, that would be an expensive mistake to make. It is not like knowing about the sexy backless dresses to try in 2014, but goes deeper than that.

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We Give You Some Information About Perfumes Along With Some Tips That Will Help You Pick The Right One:

Basic types of perfumes: Perfumes are often put together drawing fragrances from flowers, fruits, herbs, woods and other things. That is why broadly speaking, perfumes can be classified as fruity, floral, oriental, woodsy and mineral. Depending on your body type, the temperature of your body type, the kind of natural body odor you have and other factors, each person will have some category of perfume that will suit them. The question is then how do you know which perfume works for you.

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Trust the nose: The first thing to do in this regard is to rely on what your nose tells you. When you go shopping for perfumes, take a whiff of the perfume. While doing this be aware that perfumes are quite complex and are composed of three notes in terms of perfume. The top note is the immediate smell that you get when you smell the perfume. Then once the alcohol from the perfume evaporates, you get the middle note. Lastly when the perfume dries out, it gives the dry down note, which is the smell that will linger on your skin.

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Test on the pulse points: Once your nose has sniffed at the perfume in all the three notes and you are convinced that you like the smell, try it out on your pulse point. You can try the wrist of one hand. Make sure that you allow the perfume some time to settle on your pulse before sniffing it again. Spend some time doing something else while you wait for this to happen. After about a quarter of an hour, you will need to sniff the pulse point where you sprayed the perfume again to see how it smells. In case you are not convinced completely about the suitability of the perfume, you can request the people at the counter to let you sniff coffee beans and start with another perfume. You need to make sure that you do not try on too many at once so that you do not get the smells mixed up.

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In case you do like the perfume, you can buy a smaller quantity as perfumes can be really expensive before investing in a bigger quantity. Do make sure that you are relaxed and in good health when you try out perfumes so that you are able to judge the fragrance properly.