40 Groom Wedding Speech Examples

40 Groom Wedding Speech Examples

We all know that a good wedding is a result of much preparation and perfect execution. That is why the groom and bride spend a lot of time on each of the details that the wedding entails. There are many details like what everyone will wear, what food will be served, what music will be played and the music. When it comes to music, you have to firm up on what popular mother son wedding songs to dance on among other related details as this is a sentimental moment for the groom and his mother. While women have plenty of details with regard to their dressing, even men have to pick one of the 30 dashing wedding hairstyles for men.

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One cannot afford to ignore the father daughter wedding songs for dance either as the bride and her father tend to get sentimental at the time of the wedding. But one of the things that the groom really needs to prepare is for the speech he will give once he gets to his turn in the after wedding speeches. While the way he is groomed and looks will define what others think of him, what he says as part of the speech will define the tenor of the marriage. Therefore it makes sense that the groom spends some time and gives some thought to what he is going to say. However, words may not always come that easy and that is why we have some wedding speech samples here that the groom can start with.

Groom Wedding Speech Examples

wedding groom speech 28

The concept of marriage was alien to me until the day I met you; since then being without you seems to me like being disconnected from my whole world. Now the idea of being alone seems alien and isolated. I am complete with you and finished without you.

When my friends and I got together to plan the bachelors’ party, all I could think of was this is the last time I have to do something silly and that I could look forward to being with you for the rest of my life. It is then that I realized I loved you with all my heart and soul.

wedding groom speech 27

In gaining a wife, I have gained a meaningful life, in holding your hands I feel as if I can conquer unmapped lands, in joining my life with you  I know I am going to gain a golden view, I hope you are as happy as I am that we are together forever

Forever seemed like a scary word until the day I met you; from that day on, I wanted forever with you.

wedding groom speech 26

I am glad that I dated all those girls, because I know that there is no one better out there for me than you are. My only regret is that I did not meet you earlier so I need not have wasted all that time.

When I cast my eyes upon you my heart stood still and my pulse started pounding; even today when I look at you I can feel the same magic as I did on the day that I met you.

wedding groom speech 22

I cannot truly say that we will be the perfect couple or that we will be the ideal couple or that our marriage will shine as an example for all but the one thing that I can truly say that we will be that couple that will be happiest when they are together.

I promise to fulfill your wishes, I even promise to wash the dishes, I swear to keep you happy with me but honey, I need you to promise never to leave me.

wedding groom speech 21

Through thick and thin, through sickness and health I will be there for you but on one condition. Promise me you will reward me daily with a smile on your lips.

Mere words cannot describe the state of my heart, look into my eyes and you can get an inkling. And darling every time you turn your beautiful eyes towards my direction you set my heart pounding and my entire being tingling.

wedding groom speech 20

Marriage they say is not just about two people but about two worlds merging together. To me it feels as though today the whole world has opened up for me since you placed your hands on mind, your lips on mine and rested your head on my shoulders.

I love the thought of being with you and watching us grow old together, I believe our happiness and cheer will be the contribution that we will be making to this world, which really needs more successful love stories.

wedding groom speech 18

The day that we met was the day something clicked into place and the day you agreed to marry me was the day that the click became a sweet melody. In addition, today is the day we joined hands and lives for all eternity and I can already feel the sweet music of love flowing through our lives.

If there was one perfect woman for every man, then you are the one for me, and darling I hope you think I am as perfect for you as you are for me.

wedding groom speech 17

I always wondered what they meant when they talked about explosive chemical reactions. However, the day we met and our eyes happened to clash across the crowded room, I knew that I had witnessed the biggest chemical reaction ever.

Today is not my last day as a bachelor but rather it is the beginning of a lovely journey as a spouse with my beloved who I hope to keep happy, smiling and beside me for the rest of my life.

wedding groom speech 16

If you have ever wondered why the particular words “I do” are used as part of the wedding ceremony, here is my explanation for it. It is simply to signify that here on my response to many good things in life is going to be in the positive and that saying those words is also a way of reaffirming the commitment you feel, for all the world to hear.

Never base your marriage on what others tell you; it is better to take everything that comes your way with hope in your heart and a smile. I make a solemn promise today to my wife in front of all that I shall love her, honor her and respect her for the times to come.

wedding groom speech 15

Marriage is a big step, but I am sure that I have taken the right decision in getting married because I have you (insert name of bride) by my side. Together we will forge ahead and face all the storms that are to come and emerges stronger at the end of it.

Joining hands and making a promise is the easy part of the marriage and I realize that the tougher parts are yet to come.  However since I know my heart and that of my love’s I am sure we can do it and do it well.

wedding groom speech 14

The celebrations of the wedding mark the hope for a joyful, sweet, and wonderful beginning for the rest of our lives and I am sure with a start like this, we will be able to have a sweet and wonderful life.

I did not want to invest or spend too much on wedding because I wanted to keep it all for my marriage and I am glad I got a spouse who feels the way I do.

wedding groom speech 12

It is when the mind and heart do not meet in perfect harmony that marriages tend to crack. In our case our minds, hearts and thoughts are in sync with each other  laying a strong foundation for the journey called marriage which we are about to start on.

Holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes, sharing the same drink may be things that silly teenagers do when they are dating. I intend to do this and more with my wife to show the world how much I love her.

wedding groom speech 11

The first thing I would like to say is that I am grateful for my wife’s parents for giving birth to her and bringing her up to be the person she is.  More than that I am glad that they saw it fit to be here to bless our union and wish us well for this occasion.

There has been much said about the word wife, and much of it has been negative but for me it will always denote my life from today and for the future. I hope I can keep her as happy as she has made me and save her from all strife.

wedding groom speech 10

What is important in a marriage? The love that the couple has for each other? Or is it the commitment that they bring to the marriage? I feel it is all that and the effort that a couple puts into the marriage to make it work. I for one am ready to roll up my sleeves and start working

For me today is a day that is never to be forgotten as today is the day I am forever transforming from a single guy to a family guy. For many that may seem like the end of freedom but for me it is the beginning of happiness.

wedding groom speech 8

They call matrimony a holy bond and the reason for this is that this is a bond that unites two people into committing to one another and for laying the foundation of a family. What can be holier than that?

Every marriage starts with a promise and I want to start mine with one to my wife. I promise to love her for the person she is, I promise to cherish her for what she brings to my life and respect her for the individual she is.

wedding groom speech 7

Organizing this wedding showed me a glimpse of what wedded life can be like. It showed me that things can be beautiful and perfect when we both agree on things and things can go horribly wrong when we become stubborn.

Whoever started marriage with the idea that it is simply an extension of your dating life, has always been disappointed? In fact those who go in with their eyes, ears and minds wide open have found success and that is exactly what I plan to do.

wedding groom speech 6

I hold your hand in mine and want you to know that you hold my heart in yours. I promise to take care of you for the rest of my life if you promise to take care of my heart for the rest of yours.

I always shudder to think that I had to depend on serendipity for you to come into my life but will always be thankful to the hand of fate that made our lives clash.

wedding groom speech 4

I am grateful for friends who insisted that I go with ___________(insert name of the bride) for in her I found my true love.

The day I proposed to ____________________(insert name of the bride) will always be the happiest day of my life for I achieved the best achievement of my life till the present as well as the future.

wedding groom speech 2

They say that it takes a brave man and a confident woman to decide to getting married. I am glad that I found the courage and ___________(insert name of the bride) is so confident.

If I had to rewind the rest of my life, I would play it exactly the way it happened because changing any element in it would mean that I would miss my chance to meet you.

weddding groom speech 12

I thank all of you for attending the most important day in my and ___________(insert name of the bride)’s life. It is indeed good to share our happiness with all of you.

Raise a glass in honor of this lovely lady who changed by life for the better by accepting my proposal of marriage.