Different Type Of Sleeves – Some Tips On What To Pick

Different Type Of Sleeves – Some Tips On What To Pick

We are all aware that fashion is something that never stays static; it is always changing and evolving. Women tend to follow fashion with a passion but only those who take some elements of fashion and personalize it according to their own personality get to be called stylish. That is why we can see that some women manage to look awesome while others are still struggling to make it. Whether it is a matter of picking unboring work outfits for you or tips on how to make the most of your curves, it all boils down to how you use fashion to make things better.

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Often you will find girls and women discussing things like the fashionable length for skirts or the neckline that is popular this season, but not often will you find sleeve lengths being discussed. The fact of the matter is sleeves and their length can have a big impact on the way you look. That is one of the reasons that women love peasant blouses as they come with different type of sleeves. Let us take a look at sleeves.

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When it comes to sleeves there are two or three factors that dominate:

The first one being the length of the sleeves

The second being the tightness or looseness of the sleeves

The third factor being the style of the sleeves.

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When it comes to length, sleeve styles can be:


Magyar sleeves or very short sleeves

Half sleeves

Three quarter sleeves

Full length sleeves.

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When it comes to choosing the kind of sleeves your outfits should have, you should base your decision on the following factors:

The kind of arms you have: Arms that are slim but well rounded look lovely in sleeveless outfits. Arms that are too skinny benefit from longer sleeves and arms that are on the plump look better with sleeves that are half to three quarter length. You can also choose the tightness and style of the sleeve based on these factors.

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The kind of outfit: In case you are choosing office wear, then you are better off with half or three quarter sleeves as they are less distracting and also make working in them really easy. If you are going for a casual occasion outfit, then you can go with sleeveless if it suits you or very short sleeves. For dinner gowns, people tend to veer towards either off the shoulder dresses with no sleeves or gowns that have full sleeves.

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How comfortable you are: One of the main factors about looking good is being able to carry of an outfit without fidgeting, which means that your outfit should be something that is comfortable for you. This applies to sleeves too; a person will not be able to carry off daring sleeve lengths however lovely their arms and shoulders maybe if they are not comfortable with it.

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Once you have gone about selecting the length of the sleeves, you need to concentrate on the style of the sleeves, which could include:

Straight sleeves

Puff sleeves

Ruffled sleeves

Flowing sleeves

A mix of one or more of the above sleeves.

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The descriptions given above are simple and practical descriptions of the kind of sleeves that could be possible. The thing is that some outfits need particular type of sleeves and you may not be able to change it, while others lend themselves very easily to changing the style of sleeves.

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The one thing you have to realize while picking out the kind of sleeves you are going to wear is that you have to factor in how confident you are of carrying off the style you are picking.