30 Beautiful Bag Designs to Purchase this Year

30 Beautiful Bag Designs to Purchase this Year

Women love every aspect of fashion but you will find that the two common items that women tend to collect are shoes and bags. This could be due to the fact that the fashion trends in these tend to go and make a comeback after sometime. Plus when it comes to bags the best part is that size in as far as size for wearing does not matter at all, which can be an issue in other items of clothing that keep coming and going out of fashion. What is more there are many beautiful bag designs out there to tempt us. You will understand what we mean when you look at these bags and clutches for you to acquire in the year 2014; they are mouthwatering indeed!

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Once you have taken a look, we are sure you will be haunted by them. To get the look right when it comes to carrying leather bags along with other leather accessories, you will find a very helpful guide in leather based fashions with some dos and don’ts. The thing about having a beautiful collection of bags in different designs is to use them to their best advantage. For example, there are some bags that come under party wear for women and how to go about it, as in how they can play a supporting role with these glamorous outfits.

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Here Are Some Details And Intriguing Facts About Beautiful Bag Designs That Will Seduce You:

Playful and quaint bags: Yes, bags do have personalities and they can be playful and quaint like a bag that is made to look like a book or one that manages to look like a cat or a bunny hanging off a handle while still functioning as a bag.

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Ethnic chic bags: Another way that bags can draw you in is by having a distinct and very charming ethnic look to them. These work very well with casual wear and smart casual wear and actually in a pinch you can make them work even with formal wear. They are a bit high maintenance given the elaborate detailing they may have, but you will find them worth the effort.

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Normal formal bags: Bag designs can veer towards the extremely formal giving them a “I mean business” look . It is precisely the look that some women want to project and having this bag with them at such times can be really helpful and it also helps complete the formal and official look.

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Party hearty bags: Again, this bag has a personality and it is a reflection of the mood of the person carrying it. She wants to say she is wearing her pretty and glittery outfit and she is in a mood to be merry and have fun. This bag may not allow for carrying much in it but you can simply tuck in some cash, cards, mobile, keys and you are good to go. What else will you need?

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Carry it all bag: This bag is the go-to bag for most women because you can literally dump a lot of stuff and carry it all in this bag. Which is to say it is sturdy and big enough to carry many of the essentials that make busy lady’s life easy while she transitions from one role to another. Having said that, it does not necessarily mean that this bag is not pretty; it is that too.

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When it comes to beautiful bag designs that women love, own, covet and long for, there is no end to it. Each bag has something to offer, something that makes life better for the person who owns it and uses it.