Learn How To Use Belts For Maximum Advantage

Learn How To Use Belts For Maximum Advantage

What is the function of a belt? One could say it is to hold up the pants or the skirt as the case may be. But a belt can do more than that; it can change the look of an outfit completely. It can help a person add curves where there are none, make them look more shapely than they are or make them look smarter. Many a curvy girl fashion looks have been improved by making judicious use of the simple and humble belt.

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Why only curvy girl fashions, even many a very casual sweetheart maxi dress ideas have become dressier or different with wise use of a belt. You will also observe that smart women who have mastered the art of dressing casually but looking great have the use of the belt down well and good. Actually if you are girl who likes to look her best at all times, then having some a collection of belts will come in handy.

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We Give Here Some Hints On How To Use Belts For The Maximum Advantage:

Cinching in the waist: The use of a belt can be made well by simply cinching in the waist of a dress that has a clumsy fit to make it look smart. But be careful while selecting the breadth of the belt. Too broad and you may be overdoing it when you don’t have a trim waist. A narrow belt could work very well when worn just right to create a small dip at the waist without showing any abdomen fat you may have below. wearing belts 10


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Dressing up the plain dress: If you have a very plain dress, then adding a belt with an interesting belt buckle will convert the dress into something of a conversation piece. In fact this works so well that you need not bother with too many accessories and let the belt do its thing.

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Keeping it loose: Sometimes a belt works when best when it is worn softer and looser. Especially so when you have worked at getting a dress that has a waistline which will help camouflage the tummy area, Then even a scarf rolled up to serve as a loose belt will break up the dress and charm to the dress and keep things looking interesting.


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Belt the overcoat: This is something that makes you look smarter and also serves double duty to ensure that the body warmth is also conserved. But where you wear the belt also matters. Belting too high and too tight when you have a paunch will look clumsy. So do give a lot of thought to where you wear your belt. Wearing it a little lower will ensure that you look shapely and not bulgy.

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Jeweled and dressy belts: These work very well when you are going out for an evening occasion requiring you to wear a formal and long gown. In fact a solid colored gown becomes more elegant and dressy with the addition of a nice dressy and classy belt. Do consider the theme of your jewelry when you do this to keep things from going overboard.

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Contrasting belts also make things better: In case you are wearing a dress with busy prints, wearing a plain but contrasting colored belt will keep things look really good. It will bring the whole outfit together and make it pop.

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You also need to ensure if possible for casual occasions that the belt and the shoes do not clash. Naturally to have a good collection of belts for all occasions, you will need to shop with a generous budget and a keen eye. The key to building up a good collection of belts is to buy good ones and taking good care of them so that they last long.