Learn Something About The Wedding Speech Order

Learn Something About The Wedding Speech Order

A wedding is something that is very special for most people, especially the bride. That is why brides spend a lot of time on the preparation for this day. A lot of the time when the family of the bride is involved in the proceedings there are a lot of sentimental moments like the father daughter wedding songs for dance among others? The same way there are lot of decisions like the food, the flowers, the dress, the actual ceremony and also the venue. Actually, when you think of it the list of things to be done in preparation for a wedding, it may seem endless. But one of the things that everybody looks forward to is the wedding speeches as it gives people a chance to express what they feel inside.


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Did you know that there is an order in which wedding speeches are to be given? Actually as per convention, the order prescribed is to be followed right after the ceremony and before we break out the music to start dancing. So before you switch on the popular mother son wedding songs to dance on, just get the toasts and the speeches out of the way. We all know that when there is a wedding, then there is also the delicious cake to be cut and consumed. While we are talking about cake it would pay to look at these unusual wedding cakes designs so that you can pick one that works for you.

Wedding Speech Order

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But before getting along with the myriad details that go into the planning of a wedding, take a look at the order in which speeches are to be made in the wedding so that each of you can start working on it:

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Father of the bride: In most weddings, the father of the bride is considered the host of the ceremony and this means he starts the speeches. This could consist of thanking people for coming to the wedding and then move on to talking about the bride. Most of the times the father of bride will get a little sentimental about the life of his little girl and then say a few words about her choice of groom, usually in a humorous vein.

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Father of the groom: The father of the groom will then get up and usually give thanks for the whole ceremony and officially welcome the bride into his family. He would then go on to talk about the groom throwing in a few stories about how it was bringing up his son.

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The bridegroom: Then it is the turn of the groom to talk about he met the love of his life and how he felt when the bride accepted his proposal. This speech may veer into a lot of humorous and touching incidents that will paint a picture of how they met and how the courtship proceeded.

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The bride: The bridal speech is often quite emotional and sentimental and talk about how much she is thankful for meeting her groom. She will also express thanks to her parents and friends for being there and move on to asking everyone to have a good time at the ceremony.

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The best man: Many a times this speech will be full of good natured ribbing about the groom and also reciting humorous and embarrassing episodes from the groom’s past. Sometimes as a jest, the best man will even question the wisdom of the bride in marrying this man. This can be interrupted with a lot of jokes and catcalls.

After the speeches, it is often the time to cut the cake and then the turn for the bride to waltz with her husband for the very first time.