Getting Married? Then Ask Your Photographer These Questions!

Getting Married? Then Ask Your Photographer These Questions!

A wedding means a lot of preparation and thought into every aspect of the ceremony. Not only do you have to look at tips on what to wear underneath your wedding dress but also look at latest wedding ring designs to pick out the right one. One of the most important decisions that you have to make apart from the wedding gown is to look at pick from the latest wedding hairstyles for brides.

Once you have the attire that you and your groom are going to wear, you will find that there will be a lot of things that you have to make decisions on. One of the important aspects of a wedding is also making sure that the whole event is recorded so that you have the pictures to gaze upon in your later years.

This would mean picking a good photographer for your wedding. But how do you know that he/she is the right photographer for your wedding?

Simply, ask the photographer these questions to arrive at the right decision:

Ask them what is their preferred style of photography? This will give you an idea of the results that you can expect from them.

The next thing you should ask them is their experience in the area of shooting for weddings

Also find out how many other weddings they are committed to shooting on the same day as your wedding. If they have other commitments, ensure that they have enough time for yours.

Ask them whether they have experience clicking photos in the venue of your wedding. In case they do not, then ask them to make an online visit.

Ask them whether they will bring in their own lighting. In case the answer is negative, then ask them what they intend to do for lighting.

Ask them whether they work from a list of shots and if yes then can they share it with you? In case they do not, then ask them if you can provide one for them to shoot?

Ask them if they will take requests for certain images to be shot during the course of the wedding.

Ask them the number of hours of photography that is included in their package. Plus also find out when they will start shooting photos as any wedding photography ideally needs to start a couple of hours before the actual wedding.

Is there an additional cost for any additional hours of shooting? If yes, then how much?

Ask them if they will bring another photographer as this would come in handy for shooting certain parts of the wedding like when the bride walks up the aisle.

Ask them how many photographs you can expect from the wedding. Normally a photographer will click as many as 1200 to 1500 photos during the ceremony, though only about 200 will be given to the bride and groom.

Ask them if they have a limit on the number of photos they are willing to edit.

Also find out how long it will be before you see the proofs from the wedding ceremony

Ask them whether the images will be handed over in the form of a disc or you have to actually order prints through their outfit.

Also find out the cost of the prints

Find out if the photos are going to be handed over in the form of an album and if yes, do ask to see the types of albums that they use.

Find out whether the images clicked from your wedding will be used by them for advertising their outfit.

It is also important to find out what the photographer and his or her assistant will be wearing when they come to shoot photographs for the wedding. This will ensure that things are in keeping with the theme of the wedding.

Find out if they have a substitute or backup plan in case the photographer or photographers have any emergency that prevents them from working at your wedding.

Ask them about how much the deposit comes to.

Also find out the terms of payment for the balance amount

Also find out what happens in case you decide to cancel their gig