40 Awesome Best Man Wedding Speeches

June 5th, 2014

40 Awesome Best Man Wedding Speeches

A wedding has many elements, the main being the bride and the groom naturally. But apart from the two main characters of a wedding, there are many other characters that play an important role. In fact a memorable wedding is not only about the people in it, but also other elements like the perfect wedding color schemes and combinations. No wedding would be complete without food as food is an important part of any celebration. That is why unusual wedding cake designs are all the rage. But with weddings we have also got to remember the role that the best man and the bridesmaids perform.

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When it comes to the bride she does focus on elements like the dress, the jewelry and the latest wedding hairstyles for brides among the myriad other details. Weddings are often carefully orchestrated events where each element has to work with the other for the whole event to work well. This means the speeches that follow the actual wedding ceremony also have an important role in ensuring that the wedding ceremony goes well. Apart from the speeches by the fathers of the bride and the groom and the speeches of the groom and bride, the speech of the best man in a wedding also plays an important role.


An ideal best man speech should have a light element, an emotional anecdote or two and most importantly has to be quite short and succinct so that people can enjoy the rest of the festivities.

Here Are Some Examples Of Best Man Wedding Speeches:

I have known the groom (name to be inserted) for a long time and I have always felt that he is one of those blokes who always seemed to be incomplete and I never knew why. I came to realize why I felt the way I did, when I saw him with ______(insert bride’s name). They are not only good for each other but they complete each other. Here is to two halves of the same whole.

The day I met _______ (insert name of bride) I knew I had lost my best friend forever. But in spite of that I was really happy because my friend had found his life.

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I have known the bride (insert name of the bride) and the groom (insert name of the groom) for a long time. They believed they were the best of friends and they were but I always wondered when these two would realize that theirs was more than friendship; it was love. Today I am happy.

To the bride (insert name of bride) and the groom (insert name of groom) for starting their new life together. I wish them the happiest and the most pleasant of journeys surfeit with some adventures, many pleasures and the strength to be there for each other throughout this lovely and long journey.

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When I get married I wish I will be as lucky as the groom (insert name of groom) and meet someone as lovely and nice as the bride (insert name of bride). I love you guys but cannot help the small pang of envy at how happy you look together.

If there was anything else that could make this wedding ceremony even more perfect, I cannot simply think of it. And the thing that makes this wedding so perfect is you two the bride (insert name of bride) and the groom (insert name of groom).

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I was told when I was young that there is a perfect partner for everyone and as I dated many girls I never believed in this but you guys are making me hope that there is someone as suited as both of you are for each other.

A toast to the way two hearts were able to unite in spite of all the things that work against them. I only wish that you guys show the same persistence in keeping your marriage together.

best man speech 5

Can we ever look at these two lovebirds and not hear the bells ringing and the angels singing? I can hear them and feel the magic, a magic that I hope will stay with you forever.

When I introduced the groom (insert name of groom) to the bride (insert name of bride) I could literally hear the wedding bells ring. Today I stand here feeling happy for those two and smug that I was right after all.

best man speech 6

The joining of two people in the bond of holy matrimony is always an occasion of note and to be a part of this occasion is always a privilege. And my role is even bigger in this as I am the best man but my only complaint is that if I am the best man then why does he (insert name of groom) get the prize?

I promised the groom (insert name of groom) and the bride (insert name of bride) that I will keep the speech brief as the lovebirds are really impatient to start their first dance as husband and wife, so I will.