How to Straighten Your Hair Without Fear Of Burning Things Down

How to Straighten Your Hair Without Fear Of Burning Things Down

Let us face it; one time or another straight hair has been a strong fashion trend and people have longed for it. Whether it is cute easy hairstyles for school girls or it is a special look for a party.  Men also seem to go crazy for women with straight hair.

But the thing about straightening your hair is that it can be somewhat tricky and you may end up burning things down if you don’t know what you are doing. But you sometimes need straight hair even if you are trying to figure out how to get the latest short layered bob hairstyles that are in.

But don’t worry; you can do this, even if it is tricky. We will take you through the whole routine one step at a time.

Collect the following before you get started:

  • A comb or brush
  • Several soft scrunchy ties for hair along with some clips
  • Some spray to protect hair from the heat
  • Hair straightening device.

Here is how you go about it: - –

Start with turning on the hair straightener: Having one to use is something that is essential before you start reading this article. If you are actually considering an iron for the hair, we have to tell you it is not at all safe.

Let it heat: In the meanwhile get the head ready by brushing your hair as the first step. Use a comb which has a thin edge or the finger to start parting your hair on the left side starting with the area above the ear. Pull most of the hair and take it to the other side tie it up a scrunchie. This means you will just have a very thin part of hair hanging on the side of the head. - –

Divide: If your hair is too long and/or thick, you may have to consider working with it in two batches.

Apply the product for protection from heat: Now is the time to apply the spray to protect hair from the heat on the bit that is hanging loose ready to be straightened.

Start with the small bit: By now the straightener will be hot and holding the bit of hair in front of you by spreading it wide, clamp the tongs on the straightening device on to it near the roots. Be careful not to go to the scalp. - –

Run it: Now run the straightening device smoothly along the hair in a smooth and slow motion.

Repeat: Now do the same thing on the rest of the sections of the hair part by part.

Tie the straightened hair back: Once you are done with this section, tie it back loosely with a scrunchy to keep it away from the face but try and avoid it being too tight to prevent hair from getting wavy again. - –

Loosen some more hair: Release some hair from the rest of the hair and comb it and then tie the rest back again.

Repeat the process: Go about doing this part of the hair in the same way and tie it up with the rest of the straightened hair. - –

Do the rest: You will have to do the back of the head very carefully. The trick to making it work is holding up the hair in front of the mirror so that it is visible.

Now that all your hair is straightened out, release it from the scrunchy that you used to tie it back. If need lightly straighten out the kinks from tying it back. Flip the hair back and enjoy the feeling!