Some Interesting Facts about Caramel Blond Hair

Some Interesting Facts about Caramel Blond Hair

Blondes tend to have more fun, gentlemen love blondes and blonde is beautiful – these are some of the clichés that we get to hear. But jokes and clichés aside, did you know blonde hair comes in many shades? There is the golden blonde (pure gold color, which is rare), then there is the ash blonde, there is the brown blonde and of course there is the caramel blonde! When you look at beautiful girls having blond hair with blue eyes, you do not actually give much thought to the shade of blonde they are. - –

But today we will take a look at caramel blonde which is lovely color that comes somewhere between the beige shade of blond and the golden brown blonde. Like the name suggests, it is a rich and warm color with lots of charm to it. If you happen to have hair this shade or color it this shade, then you could try some of these latest short layered bob hairstyles that are worth trying.

Here Are Some Aspects Of Caramel Blonde Hair:

Since the color caramel is such a soft and warm color, you should wear soft and warm colored makeup that comes in similar shades. But take care that they are darker shades so that everything doesn’t end up looking too blended. - – - – - –

This soft crème blue kind of shade also works better when worn in softer hair styles like soft curls and waves. But make sure that it is not too structured and has a softer and hand combed kind of look. You can even loosely sweep up your soft looking caramel blond hair in a loose do with a few tendrils of hair framing your face. This will create a soft and romantic look. You are better advised to stay away from cuts that are edgy or two minimal when it comes caramel blonde hair. - –

You can also color your hair caramel blonde subtly if you happen to have blonde hair of other shades. The coloring lotion can be easily applied for a temporary but very effective coloring. Caramel blonde hair looks amazing on people with paler shades of skin or skins that naturally have a tinge of golden or yellow color. - – - –

Makeup that you wear with caramel blonde hair should ensure that your face does not look too washed up which means a generous application of mascara. Also ensure that you are using black liner for the eyes along with a nice red lipstick to bring the blonde look together. In case you happen to sport a slight tan, then you can also color the lips pink of paler shade and go for tones like brown and beige to make the face glow.

The caramel blonde look is great when worn with an aura of femininity. Many stars have worked this look when they are into softer and more romantic roles on the screen. This shade looks so cute that even pulling it back in a ponytail or a messy side plait looks really good. - –

You can also highlight this warm caramel blonde hair with chunky highlights in cool platinum blonde shades to look really attractive. It will add a bit of drama to the sweet look you get with caramel blonde hair. - –

Overall caramel blonde is a hair color that really looks warm and can make many a cold day into a warm feeling one just by looking at it. Make sure that you get the hairstyle and makeup right to go with this lovely, soft, warm and romantic hair color to complete your look.