The Kinds Of Head Gear That Women Can Wear And How!

The Kinds Of Head Gear That Women Can Wear And How!

Women are creatures who worry about what they wear, their skin, their makeup, their hair, their footwear, their accessories etc all the time. But in today’s world though much is said and much guidance provided about these, there is very less mention of the kind of head gear that women wear.

Actually for some reason either due to excess cold or excess heat or many other reasons, women do wear some head gear many times. Then why not convert this into a fashion statement by giving the due attention to the kind of head gear that you wear?

Think about it; you are still studying and planning on your wardrobe and looking through cute and easy hairstyles for school girls that will work for you, then why not decide on the head gear that goes with it? Or you are a mature lady who is always put together and wants to know what types of short hairstyles for mature woman, wouldn’t you like to know what head gear works for you?

Without Much Ado We Will Tell You Broadly What Are The Head Gear Options That Work For Women And How You Should Make The Most Of Them: - –

Hats: Women can and do wear many type of hats. Ranging from the most practical woolen ones to protect their head from the cold to the simple cap that is worn casually to the most elaborate hats that women wear for fancy occasions. It must have become obvious to you from the sentence above that each of these categories of hats have their own place and occasion on which they work.  But the thing that we would like to emphasize here is that do not simply pick up a hat and toss it on; make it part of your overall ensemble. We will give you some hints on how to work it at the end of this article. - –

Scarves and Bandanas: Again these have been part of our lives and used at all times but without much thought to coordinating with our outfits. There are many interesting ways that this bit of cloth can be put to use and all to good effect. Think of a bandanna or a scarf not only as a means of covering hair to protect it or to prevent a bad hair day from being seen but as a means to make more of your looks. - – - –

Turbans: These are pretty dramatic and cannot be carried off by every one. You need that special brand of panache and style to carry this off. Plus turbans cannot be worn by women for casual occasions. But having said that if you are the kind of woman who can carry something so complicated off, then you should inculcate the turban and use it to dramatic effect.

Here Are Some Tips That Will Ensure That You Get The Best Out Of Your Head Gear:

  • Never think of a head gear as something that only protects, visualize how it frames your head and hair. This will be the first step that will make you use that scarf to create  the best effect possible.
  • If the head gear does not match the ensemble that you are wearing that day, then try and match it to your eyes. This way the color of the eyes will be enhanced and add a dramatic aspect to your face.
  • If you are wearing a headgear that is over the top, pull it off without fidgeting. This way you will look and feel on top of the world.
  • Make your own style and do not ape others. This is because each woman has a unique face and framing it right is something that she has to customize.