Five Makeup Ideas and Tips For Darker Shades Of Skin

Five Makeup Ideas and Tips For Darker Shades Of Skin

When it comes to makeup for darker skin, there apparently is a lot of confusion. Women often believe that shades like rose, peach do not really work for them if they have darker skin. While this may generally be true to a certain extent, we cannot really make a generalization in this regard.

The important thing to remember is that you should know is how to avoid the general mistakes while applying makeup. That is forgetting to provide for age when you choose your makeup or being to bold or too timid or forgetting to put on foundation etc. Another thing that you should remember is how day makeup differs vastly from night makeup.

Here Are Some Tips That You Should Follow While Applying Makeup On Darker Shades Of Skin: - –

Get the foundation right: The one mistake that commonly occurs with darker women is that they tend to pick up foundation that is a shade or two lighter which makes the makeup look artificial and gives a weird look. Go with shades that are as close to your skin as possible. Try on a patch of the foundation that you want and look at it in natural light to ensure that you are not going away too far from your natural color.