Applying Makeup With Glitter – Some Dos And Don’ts

Applying Makeup With Glitter – Some Dos And Don’ts

When it comes to makeup, we all know that there are many frontiers being discovered on a daily basis. While men may believe that women give too much importance to this, the fact is the cosmetic industry is one of the leading ones today. Not only is the cosmetic industry important commercially speaking, but it is an industry that sells hope.  But in this article we are going to focus on makeup that has glitter in it , not makeup on the whole.  While glitter in makeup is great fun and revs up your glamour quotient you should keep away from the 10 mistakes to avoid while applying makeup.

Makeup with glitter comes in many forms right from the makeup for eyes, blushes, lips and also nail polish.  The key to getting the use of glitter in makeup right is knowing how the day makeup differs from the night makeup look.

While One May Feel That Glitter Is Great And Go All Out To Use It, You Would Have Better Results If You Followed The Following Guidelines:

Keep the rest simple: When it comes to using glitter, it is always better to concentrate on one aspect and keep the rest of the makeup simple. Meaning, if you are going for glitter on eyes then the cheeks and lips should be low key. Otherwise the whole effect will make you look as the color palette burst open on your face, which is not a effect you want to create.