Six Different Types Of Skirts That You Can Wear

Six Different Types Of Skirts That You Can Wear

When it comes to a girl wearing skirts versus a girl wearing any other outfit, a guy would always prefer to look at a girl in skirts, unless of course she is wearing a bikini! But then jokes apart skirts are something that makes a woman or girl look really good. And why is that? May be it is the sheer femininity of the garment or the fact that you can get a glimpse of her legs while she is in it or all these factors put together.

But wearing a skirt is not something that every woman can pull off. It needs selection of the right type of skirt and it can be a bit high maintenance in terms of keeping your legs looking good and smooth. One thing is for sure; if you know how many ways to wear a pencil skirt then your office wardrobe is taken off.

In fact skirts are so adaptable that you can wear a semi formal skirt with a nice peasant top and you will be ready for a date! That is why  there are so many reasons that women love peasant blouses! But before we get into that let us take a look at the types of skirts that are generally out there.

Here are the different Types of skirts that are generally worn: - –

The mini skirt: Generally worn up to mid thigh or sometimes higher this skirt can either be tight or in pleats or even of a floaty kind of material.  Only the very young can get away with wearing a pleated or floaty kind of mini skirt. The slightly older can make the tight version work provided they have the legs for it and are careful in their choice of tops that they wear with the skirt. - –

The midi skirt: This can extend in length from to the knee to mid calf. This skirt can also be fitted, pleated and floating or a combination  of any of these. Worn for formal occasions too these skirts look good no matter what your age or figure as long as you make the right choice and wear a suitable blouse with it.

The maxi skirt: This skirt almost touches the top of your feet and contrary to what people think will not work of women with generous curve. In fact this skirt will make you a little bulkier and should be women who want to appear curvier than they are. Again the top that you wear with this matters. - –

The pleated skirt: This is may seem more like a choice for a school girl but works well for formal wear as long as you choose the right kind of pleats. This can make you look sharp and trim in a very official kind of way. Though you can choose a cute print to make the look more casual.

The pencil skirt: This is the quintessential item that dominates the working lady’s wardrobe and looks amazing when you wear it with formal shirts. But when it comes to tucking the shirt in do ensure that there are no bulges showing through. In such cases it is better to go for a  top that is not too long and looks smart even when left out.

The flowing skirt: This can be either a stitched completely version or the wraparound kind and is great for summer when you need your legs to enjoy the breeze. Even women who are generously curved can carry this style off as long as they pick the material of the skirt carefully.

Skirts can make you look feminine and pretty and you should pick the one which works for you so that you can feel good and look good.