35 New Beard Styles for Men to try in 2014

November 19th, 2014

35 New Beard Styles for Men to try in 2014

The New Year is upon us and along with new resolutions and hopes it also brings along many changes in terms of many things. Every year the one thing that consistently changes in the world of fashion. This means that what is in this year may not be in the next.  In recent times fashion trends not only apply to women but also to men. We have seen a sea change in the way men do their hair in the past few years. Now this trend applies to facial hair too.





The thing about men with beards is that it is all about making it look just right. Not every man can wear a beard and look really good. It is also about what style you are going with, what color your hair is and how well you keep it groomed. That is why a beard is pretty high maintenance and this is something that most men overlook when they look only at the benefits of not shaving for a while when they decide to go with a beard. Some men get the idea for a beard when they look at the cutest celebrity couples of this year, but do not think things through.

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Earlier on a man would either have a beard and moustache or be clean shaven. But in recent times the trends have changed with men experimenting with their facial hair. The beard has metamorphosed into facial stubble that is not just by chance but by design.

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This trend is going to continue in a more reformed way in the coming year. Men are going to be experimenting with the way their facial hair frames their face by arranging their stubble in artful ways. Instead of a smooth shaven look a bit of stubble that is cut in snazzy ways is going to be the style of the future.  The trends also indicated that side bars are also going to be part of the experimenting and artistic ways of the beard.

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While the old classics of a French beard and a simple stubble will still work, the men who are well endowed with facial hair will be working with more designer stubble than ever before. With the arrival of good equipment for men   to work on their facial hair, all it needs is a good imagination to result in radical looks. So this year, men should look out as stubble definitely is not going to be simple anymore.

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While we talk of hair being the crowning glory for women, it is no less for men and that is why there are many hair styles for men out there for them to choose from. In fact, with men there is more hair on the face and thereby there are not only hair styles for men, there are also beard styles for men since facial hair is a big part of the deal. There not only beard styles for men, there are specific black men beard styles that take into consideration the type of hair and the texture of the hair. What is more there are also goatee styles that men can adopt depending on their facial structure and their styling needs. When done well, goatee styles add a lot of dignity and charm to the man’s face. The one thing that men have to remember when choosing hair styles for men or beard styles for men is that men are not that inclined to work on grooming and maintenance as women are and that is why this needs to be factored in while picking one.