The Mistakes We Commit With Regard to Love!

The Mistakes We Commit With Regard to Love!

Life is a complex thing and when it comes love things become even more complicated. This means the chances of us doing the wrong thing when it comes to love is more. This does not apply to just romantic love but also the kind of love we have for friends, family and others. The thing is our love for people is very much colored by our way of thinking in the way that everything that we like to do in life it. Check these quick and easy ways to Find Your True Love of Life.

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So when we express our love to someone we do it in the way we would like to get it back. While this is all well and good it may not really be what they want or prefer and this means they will be dissatisfied. In the same way people express their love in the way they would like it to be reciprocated which could be a mismatch to the way you want it. What this essentially means that though there is a lot of love, it is lost in the mismatch of how we want it and how we get it.

Here are some simple ways to fix this mismatch in the way people love each other:

First thing to do is find out how the people in your circle of love show their love and also what makes them feel as they too are loved. This may seem like a futile exercise but it could be the key to find out how you can show them your love and in a way that they like. The next thing to observe is the ways in which they show their love to you because often though all the love is there we miss seeing it as it is not in the form we want it to be in.

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So asking some basic questions (What You should Ask Your Girlfriend!) well clue you and them:

  1. When do you feel loved by me and in what ways I make you feel loved by the things I say and do?
  2. What is it that I have to say or do for you to feel assured about my love for you?
  3. How do you like to show your love for me to me?

Here is something else that will clarify about the aspects of or languages of love.  Most of us are good in at least one or two. These are:

  1. Words to confirm our feelings and emotions
  2. The giving and receiving of tangible gifts to and from others.
  3. The way we serve someone without any expectations
  4. By showing them physical gestures of love, affection and admiration
  5. Spending time with them and paying them undivided attention

Each of us has their own way of expressing love using one or more of the languages given above. Some may comfortable doing things to ease their loved ones’ lives while others like to give gifts. Read: 50 Things to Give Your Girlfriend to Make her Smile. But this act of giving and receiving love only works when it is mutual. Like for instance you like to do things for the person you love but they like to shower you with gifts, then there is bound to be a difference in the way things are seen and the comfort level that you enjoy. It makes sense that both of the parties understand how they show and receive love and then things will be really good with both parties loving each other and feeling loved.

The thing about love is that you should not base it on assumptions or expecting others to read your mind but rather by asking and understanding their language of love. It is also important that you tell them about your language of love too to make things even. It is worth the effort believe us – it is after love that makes life worth living.