20 Lovely Decorating Ideas For Your Home

20 Lovely Decorating Ideas For Your Home

We all like to think of our homes in terms of the comfort it brings us as well as the way it looks and that is why there is so much interest in decorating one’s home. But most of us when faced with the space we call home have no idea as to where to start or what to do. In such cases what happens is that we follow what others tell us or what we find in magazines or ideas that we find online. But the thing is that this is your home and it should reflect what you like and want along with that of your family members.

While decorating your home consider color schemes and combinations but also consider the following factors:

  • Will this work in the space of my home and its surroundings? Some decors don’t work in all surroundings; like for instance you have to factor in the damp and the effect of salt in the air if your home is by the ocean.
  • Is this something that I want or that the home needs? Sometimes we look at things and want them madly but it may not be exactly what your home needs and by answering this question you can be sure of the practicality of your decision.
  • How long will this look last? If it is only for a short time, can I afford to redecorate? The look of a home is not something that needs to be changed like our bedclothes. It can last a long time with a few adjustments and upgrade, so do ask yourself these questions.
  • How easy or tough it is to maintain? Decorating your home and admiring it is one thing and having to work on maintaining it daily is another aspect so do think about this while decorating.
  • Is this just a passing phase or can I live with this long term? While some things hold an appeal now they may fade off into dislike in the future. Asking and answering this question will save you a lot of time, money and efforts.

Check these Lovely Decorating Ideas For Your Home

1-High backed upholstered banquet at Aqua restaurant

2-Bed nook... my perfect place for quiet time.


4-Kids bathroom

5-Reclaimed wood couch arm table. It's so simple, but so genius.

6-Love the painted floor to create a vintage house look

7-Dustjacket attic A French Inspired Bistro


9-Rustic Dining Room Shelves


11-DIY recycle tree branches into coasters. Awesome presents ... especially to those that loved Blair and miss him like we do.



14-Beach Theme Bathroom Decor

15-aerated drawer

16-ikea shoe drawers

17-Countertop storage for bread, onions, garlics, potatoes.

18-Laundry right in closet; put clean clothes away right after they're done washing!--In my dreams!

19-hedgehog cage.

20-Shower in sunshine, in the rain or under the stars.

21-Get your read on! A custom library adds a level of sophistication to any house.