10 Mistakes To Avoid While Applying Makeup

July 19th, 2014

10 Mistakes To Avoid While Applying Makeup

Often when we look at women wearing makeup we discover that while some look really stunning, others manage to look quite awkward and garish. The women who do not pull of wearing makeup well are the ones that must be committing some of the common makeup mistakes given here:

The first mistake is not being brave enough: One thing that one should always have when one wants to look their best is complete belief in oneself and this should extend to trying new things without hesitation.

1-being brave

Forgetting to blend: Makeup would start with concealor and foundation and move on to blush, eye makeup and lip makeup, but if you do not blend then this will give you a patchy kind of look. You need to blend the makeup well to have a cohesive look especially when it comes to blush, concealor and foundation. To ensure that you have done a good job is to look at the makeup in different kinds of lighting.


Overuse of bright hues: Bright colors make things pop and look amazing in the hot and bright weather but do not overdo it. Plus they will keep drawing the gaze to them and this means you need to apply bright colors only after thinking things through and more as an accent to something than the base itself.

3-Overuse of bright hues

Not considering your age while picking out makeup: The thing is what looked good on you as young woman may not look as good in your mature years. In fact you can be sure it will not and you need to consider this while picking out makeup. Your beauty though undiminished as you age will change and this means your makeup has to change too.

4-considering your age

Wearing foundation that is wrong: We agree that picking out the right foundation may be a difficult thing to do considering the plethora of choices out there. The rule to follow is to pick out foundation that will go with the color of skin on your neck and the hairline. Plus you could use 2 shades of foundation and blend it to get the right look if you feel the need to.

Wearing foundation

Going overboard with waxing: While plucking or waxing the eyebrows is good and it keeps things looking neat, overdoing it will give you that weird look. Plus waxing in certain areas and that too in the wrong direction can make you lose that hair permanently. So do proceed with due caution.

5-eyebrows plucking

Not giving that curl to lashes: As makeup rules suggest nothing is actually mandatory but some things have to be done for the right result and curling the eyelashes is one of them. You will find that this helps in making the eyes look better and also helps in application of mascara.

6-curling the eyelashes

Application of makeup on a face that is bare: Normally skin has some oils and this will react with the makeup to give an odd appearance unless you give it some base. This means proper foundation either in cream or powder form so that the oils settle and then applying makeup.


Getting matte lipsticks all wrong: The thing is matte lipstick needs the lips to be moisturized before application or else it looks quite awful. This is because matte lipsticks have the oils from them deliberately extracted for that matte look and by applying matte lipstick on bare lips you are going to give it an odd look.

8-matte lipstick

Having a smoke: The one thing that will cause more damage than most others is having a smoke. And when you wear makeup it will only serve to accentuate the damage that smoking has done to your looks rather than enhancing them.

9-Having a smoke