How to Find a True Love: 9 Valuable Tips

How to Find a True Love: 9 Valuable Tips

Most of us are in this world feeling as if we are one half of a perfect whole and we spend our lives looking for that one person who will complete you. But in this search for the true love of your life, we come across a few false starts and while this is not bad in itself, one should learn to look beyond the bad and move on.

The key is to learn from your experiences and not let a bad start finish your search off. In fact you should know what to ask your partner before committing long term. True love can be found and is definitely not a myth, but very rarely does it happen like in fairy tales. Coming to think of it fairy tales tend to end when you find the right partner, but in real life that is just the beginning. Do You want to know How to Find a True Love? ..

So Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find The True Love Of Your Life:

Start with loving yourself: The first step to finding the true love of your life is acknowledging that you are a person worth of such a love. Which boils down to loving yourself, flaws and all? Unless you think you are worthy of being loved, you will be blinding yourself to love.

Be realistic: True love is not finding the perfect man or partner but finding the one who will be the perfect partner for you. This means letting go of those idealistic notions that you come across about the perfect spouse. After all you are not perfect, then how can you expect perfection from others.

Get into action: This means that sitting at home dreaming about the right partner or true love is not going to make it happen; you have to put yourself out there. Get into the dating scene, hang out with friends and become more social. Naturally do exercise caution while doing this.

Do give importance to friendship as well: Physical attraction is a large part of a true love and a life partner, but apart from this you also need to enjoy the person on the whole and this means friendship. While he or she need not be your best friend, he or she definitely needs to be a good friend.

Make sure you find him/her attractive: A complete relationship requires both physical and mental compatibility. In the earlier point we mentioned not being swayed only by sexual attraction but this does not mean that there is no chemistry at all.

Be practical when it comes down to money: Yes! Love is important but it does not pay the mortgage and the bills. Your true love needs to be someone who will be able to walk on the path of life with you and share your burdens. Do consider the economic aspects too

Do not rule out someone due to peer pressure: Often one of the things that prevents us from finding the true love of our lives is the fact that we give too much importance to what others think. While this does matter, it is not the only consideration. Listen to your own heart, brain and gut instincts in such matters.

Visualize life beyond the wedding: The romantic notions that surround us condition our brains to only think of things till the wedding, we often forget the marriage. Be sure to think of and visualize how your life is going to be beyond the wedding ceremony.

Can you grow old with him/her? : This is a question that we miss asking ourselves. It is simply asking yourself if I would still want to be with that person once you and he/she have become old. If you can see that happening, then you have a winner.

True love is out there for each of us; but we have to make the effort. We have to look beneath the surface and allow the other person to do that too.