The 5 Styles Of Dressing That Your Wardrobe Should Be Ready For!

The 5 Styles Of Dressing That Your Wardrobe Should Be Ready For!

When a woman looks at her wardrobe her usual reaction is that she has nothing to wear. While this is not true strictly speaking, the one thing that can make your wardrobe ready to take any occasion on , is having the right things to wear for each occasion. Sounds like a tall order doesn’t it? But have you wondered how some women seem to sail through life knowing what to wear for each occasion and turning up looking good no matter what. The key is very simple; you should know the 5 styles of dressing that your wardrobe should be ready for. For the sake of ease we have segregated the wardrobe into the main sections according to the life of a woman in her prime:

Casual: This portion of the wardrobe should be well stocked as these clothes are handy and also quite affordable. The basics in this wardrobe would be mainly jeans and if you know how to rock your jeans, it will really help. Apart from the staple of jeans you need T shirts, cotton tops, shorts, track pants, loose tops, sweatshirts and some simple scarves for those really hot days.

Formal: This is not to be confused with what you would wear to office but rather the dressy outfits that you would wear to formal occasions. Thereby this would mainly be on the lines of what you would wear to attend a wedding,  long gowns to wear to formal occasions and such dresses that are expensive and look good without being too racy.

Official: These are the clothes that you need to wear to work. Consisting of well tailored skirts, pants and some suitable tops, this part of the wardrobe has to have durability, quality and also a certain tendency not to get crushed. You will need to cleverly plan out this part of your closet so that you look smart and professional at all times.

Dating: This is the part of your wardrobe where you need to have stuff that will impress.  Which could include playful tops that can work with jeans or a nice dressy skirt. A good stock of sundresses can also be part of this part of your closet. These are the kind of clothing that will make you feel that you look your best when you go out on a date.

Partying:  This is the kind of occasion that you go out with friends to hang out at bars, pubs and discotheque. It goes without saying that this could overlap with the date like occasion. But on such occasions you need to be dressed in all your finery and look really glamorous. This means short and tight dresses, sequin tops, the little black dresses and also those really  killer pair of pants.

Once you have organized your wardrobe on these lines, you will find that coming up with the right dress for each occasion becomes that much easier.  Apart from the dresses do keep accessories like bags, jewelry, shoes and the makeup for each occasion sorted out in a manner that will be easy for you to understand. As you can see that though the segregation given above is based on a certain pattern, some occasions may overlap like the dresses that you wear for dates and the way you dress for partying. The same way sometimes casual could overlap with dating style and there could be mingling of party and formal occasions. There is no hard and fast rule and you need to decide on the extent of your wardrobe for each occasion depending on the kind of life you lead.