Hot And Latest Fashion Trends For Teenagers: Installing 2014

Hot And Latest Fashion Trends For Teenagers: Installing 2014

You want to be hot and happening? Then follow the trends of this season with the latest styles that work for you. Instead of going blindly for the latest trends go with the few things that work for you and pull of a style that is entirely your own.

  • Colors: This season black, pastels, neon, white and anything with checks will work.

  • Jewelry: Chunky pieces with gems and any piece that stands out.

  • Extras: Backpacks of denim, lots of stripes along with sunglasses that scream paparazzi.



    Cell phone add-ons: Your mobiles and tablets should have cool accessories.

On the whole this season promises to be full of color, loads of fun and offers a chance to do your own thing

Hot accessories:

  • Bands: The trend today is Alice Bands are back and with that any design of your own choice goes. You can go all blingy or full of stones, the choices are wide open. Only thing is you must have one.

  • Sunglasses: Go for one that are paparazzi style or those who are edged in neon colors. Go totally colorful and feminine is as far as sunglasses go.

  • Hats: Trucker style hats can be worn and made to look really cool combined with the right boots and a cute dress.

  • Bracelets: Go for neon bracelets that come in rubber and also jewelry that is chunky with plenty of neon colors thrown in.

  • General trends: Add plenty of accessories like heart shaped sunglasses in bright colors, Alice Headbands which are full of sparkles, earrings with gems, trucker hats and go for all out glory and glitter.

Trends in Clothing:

  • Bling those denims up with lots of extras. You can jazz up the look with lots of crystals, beads and other sparkly stuff that will make the pants or shorts your own.

  • Go for T.shirts that have stripes. Anything will do go for neon, black and white or even add pastels into the mix for a nice look.
  • Go for those cute and feminine floral sun dresses at mini length. These make you look cute but not in a cheap way
  • Plenty of polka dot  dresses in black and white with sleeves will make your wardrobe hum.

  • Try and wear black tights knee tights but only if they work on you.
  • Cardigans that are oversized to look stylish and  stay warm too.

  • Go for Leggings with bits  of leather or you can go for knitted ones and in neon.

  • Jackets look good with plenty of crossovers and zips a la Michael Jackson to add that edge
  • The combination of loose and comfy on top with tight on the bottom is also totally in.

  • Go for denim shirts with black leggings underneath topped by a simple T shirt. Keep a pullover sweater for when you want the warmth and complete the outfit with black angel boots

Footwear and Shoes:

  • The hottest trend is for those shoes with angel wings.

  • Get boots that have studs on them.

  • Neon colored heels
  • Two toned high heels.

  • Feminine and cute sandals that are strappy

Trends with Hairdos:

  • Go totally little girlish with the Jazzy Alice bands, plaits etc. This means you can come up with your own twist to these.

  • Go for those two toned color in your hair. But do not overdo it, just let it grow out naturally

Trends with Nails

  • Go monochrome.

  • Bright Neons.

  • Plenty of sparkle

Colors for the season on the whole:

  • Lashes in gold or silver.

  • Neon colored lipsticks.
  • Have lots of fun with color

This season go nuts with the color choices; you could go nuts with a simple overall look with only black and white and neon it up in your makeup. Or do it the other way around, wear sober makeup but make your outfit all sparkly and full of neon

Where to go to get the latest:

  • You would be surprised at how much of this stuff you can find in the wardrobes of your moms and sisters.
  • Another thing to do is to rework your old jeans, skirts etc with some touches from the trends of the season to get a new look
  • Use the glue gun well and add touches to boring old tops, T shirt, jewelry and even shoes
  • Take out those old hair bands and add some flowers, sparkles and there you have it – stuff that is trendy and unique.

  • For shoes and leggings you may have to go out to shops and get them.

On the whole with a little imagination and elbow grease and careful trawling of old wardrobes, you will be able to come up your own take on this new look.