What not to wear on a first date – Read to know more

What not to wear on a first date – Read to know more

When it comes to dressing for a date then you will find as many opinions as there are people. Each has his or her own take on this. They may tell you that you ought to be yourself and be as comfortable as possible. While there may be a point to this , it does not mean that you cannot look good. Actually looking the best you can is being true to the beautiful person you are and by aiming for comfortable you are in fact moving towards sloppy self, which will not make the right impression.

Whether we admit it or not, human beings as a race do form their impression based on the way you look. So, unless you are planning on putting off the person you are going out on a date with, being comfortable in your dress should not be a priority. We are not saying that being comfortable should not be a priority but there is an occasion where being comfortable is called for, like when you are going for a trek or planning to spend hours on your feet, but not when you are out on a date. The exception can be made only if you are the kind who regularly wears clothes that make your uncomfortable or shoes that are painful.

What not to wear on a first date



Comfort not such a big factor: When you are out on your first date comfortable dressing should not be such a factor. In fact mostly when people talk of comfort they are talking about your attitude rather than casual clothes. The fact is that the first date is by its very nature uncomfortable and by not dressing to show off your assets will only make things worse. Plus dating is all about mutual attraction and since attraction starts with what we see and how we are seen as. So making an effort to look good will make you feel good and your date will definitely appreciate the fact that you tried. We know that the kind of person should matter more and it will but on a later date. On the first date, your looks will do the talking.


Think about it, the fact that you are dating someone unknown then you are obviously wanting to step out of your comfort zone. Think about it – why are you doing this? Because your comfort zone is not meeting your requirements. Then why go for comfortable clothes; go for something that makes the most of your body. Something fitting will ensure that you carry yourself well and look confident at all times.


So the aim is to go for confidence and an abundance of confidence means a sexy attitude which is really attractive. But this does not mean that you wear something that you cannot carry well; do pick shoes, clothing and makeup that you know make you look good. Invest in outfits that really play up your looks but do not maim you.

In case you feel that clothes that are fitted do not work on you due to bulging flesh, then do research and find something that works on your body type. If you have an amazing bustline then work your cleavage or if you have killer legs then play those up. Or if you feel that your lips are luscious then draw the eye there with some great lipstick. Basically hide what is not good and highlight what is great. Add enough heels to ensure that your walks has that lovely swing.



Do ask yourself these questions about your clothes:

  • Can I loll around in these clothes while watching TV? If the answer is yes, then change out of the outfit you are wearing as it may be too casual
  • Is this outfit suitable to wear to a baby shower? Once again if the answer is yes, then you should change as the clothes you are wearing may be too dull.
  • If your clothes could talk, what is the statement it would make? If the answer is something mundane, change out of it.
  • Are these the footwear that I wear to clean out my garage? Change them, they are not right for a date as they are probably too utilitarian and that is not what you want for a date

Does this outfit reflect the real me?

We know what you are trying to get at, that is whether you are misrepresenting yourself by dressing up well as you would normally do this. The fact is dating is all about impressing the other person and not about revealing inner truths. That is what relationships are for. And anybody who is active on the dating scene knows that.

While we agree that misrepresenting yourself is not a good thing but not making an effort to look presentable is even worse. In fact it is counter productive. You are actually making all that effort to go on a date but spoiling your chances of finding someone by turning up looking shabby and telling them they do not matter. In fact it also means that you not only do not care about what he thinks but also do not care about how you come across. Make an effort and you will see how different things will be.