Want To Pick The Right Shade Of Lipstick? Read To Know How!

Want To Pick The Right Shade Of Lipstick? Read To Know How!

Picking the right color of lipstick may look like a simple task on the surface. One would think that all that one has to do is saunter into a store, go to the makeup counter and then choose what you like. But we all know that this is not as simple as that. First of all the lipstick shade should work for you, second of all the lipstick has to match the occasion and most important of all a lipstick will be the trademark of a woman’s “look” and it needs due care while choosing.

Some women may find this an easy process but most people need some inputs and guidelines while picking a shade of lipstick that matches the occasion.

Picking a lipstick shade for daily use: If your daily attire is casual like a pair of jeans and top or T shirt, then you should go for lipsticks that work well with your coloring. Like blonds who are fair can look amazing with pink or red lipsticks depending on the top they are wearing. Brunettes need to go a deeper shade like plum or a peach shade. Redheads should go for quieter colors like soft rose shades or a nude shade.


Pink Lipstick


Red Lipstick

1 peach

Peach Shade Lipstick


Plum Shade Lipstick

1soft rose shades

Soft Rose Shades Lipstick

1nude shade

Nude Shade Lipstick

Choosing lipstick shades for workplace: When you are wearing proper office clothes then a stronger color will add to the somber attire.  When you wear a red suit you can match the lipstick with the color of the suit. Or you could contrast the black jacket with red. Softer grays work well with pink lipstick colors that are also softer. Navy blue pinstripe should be matched with your coloring (reds for blondes, plums for brunettes and nudes for redheads). Also ensure that your fingernails are coordinated with the lipstick to complete the look.

Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick

2 b softer gray

Softer Gray With Pink Lipstick

2 black jacket with red

Black Jacket With Red Lipstick

2 fingernails are coordinated with the lipstick

Fingernails Are Coordinated With The Lipstick

Getting the right lipstick shade for formal dos: If you are going out for the night to a party or for some fun, then you can highlight your eyes or the lips. Doing both can be overwhelming. In case the eyes are getting special focus then keep lips low key. Just a subtle shade along with some gloss should do. If you are looking to play up the pout then outline the lips with lip liner that is slightly darker than the shade of lipstick that you are using, Make sure that your lipstick works with your coloring as well as the colors on your attire. If you are wearing the classic never fail little black dress then you have a lot of scope with lipsticks. You can go with red, rose or plum without any hesitation. But in case you are dressing up in bright jewel tones then you need to get the lipstick right. If the occasion that you are going to is more official in nature then it is better to tone the lip makeup as it may not look appropriate.

3 b dressing up in bright jewel tones

Dressing Up In Bright Jewel Tones


Bright Eyes And Lipstick

Each woman should collect and keep at least 6 different shades of lipstick in her dressing table. This will ensure that no matter what the occasion, you have a shade that will work.  Make sure that you think and plan before investing in these shades. Do not get a shade of lipstick just because you saw it on someone and liked it. The suitability of the lipstick will depend on your coloring, shape of lips, tone of color and also the way you carry yourself.

6 different shades of lipstick

6 Different Shades Of Lipstick


Coloring Of Lipstick

4c shape of lips

Shape Of Lips

Once you are clear on these points then you need to go out there to look for the lipsticks that work on you. While getting opinions from a well meaning friend is good, do trust your own judgment to a large extent.