Top 5 Easy Hairstyles To Make

Top 5 Easy Hairstyles To Make

Most people are so busy that they do not want to spend their time on their hairstyles.  Whether it is a business meeting, date, gathering or a hangout, most girls want to make a hairstyle that looks good on them and that do not take more than 5 minutes of their time. There are a lot of hairstyles that do not require hours to set. Following are some of the best hairstyles that look will fabulous on you and won’t take more than five minutes.

1.       Messy Braid:

This is one of the most famous and easy hairstyle that is good for summers. This is because you don’t have to try hard to keep it perfect. Mentioned by its name, the messier your hair, the better it looks. To make this simple and elegant hairstyle, sweep you hair to a side and braid it. Make sure to secure the strands with some pins. Don’t forget to add some cool accessory like a feather or a big flower.


2.       Low Bun:

This hairstyle will definitely help you to handle a lot of difficult situations. To make this simple 5-minute wonder, you just have to comb your hair to the back nicely. Once you are done, lock it in a low ponytail just at the back of your neck. Comb your ponytail and make sure its sleek and shiny.  Twist your ponytail and wrap it all around its base. Secure it with pins. For extra hold, use a spray and put on your flashiest and biggest pair of earrings you have for a glamorous look.


3.       Messy Bun:

Yes! Messy bun is the easiest among all hairstyles. It is so simple that most of the people don’t want to know about it. Well! Those who don’t know, you can make a messy bun by sweeping all your hair at the back and tying it rough to give a messy look. Pluck out some of the strands and secure it with some bobby pins.


4.       Scarved-Up:

You might think that scarves look old fashioned, but actually, scarves do not take a lot of your time. There are many ways to tie up scarves that make you look beautiful and elegant, even if you are having worst hair days, you can wrap a scarf to hide them.


5.       Princess Braids:

Still need more hairstyles? Princess braid is an easy hairstyle that was used in the middle ages. This hairstyle makes you look great even if you are having hair problems. To make it, take a small section of your hair on the right and make a clean braid. Do that on the left side too and then tie up both braids at the back with a nice silicon band.



Above are some of the easiest hairstyles that will definitely look adorable on you and won’t take much of your time to set up.


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