10 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend

10 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend

Proposing your girlfriend is a really difficult task. Proposing someone is a time that comes only once in a lifetime and if you do not do it properly, then chances are you might not get someone you love. You all have seen people proposing their girlfriends in the public and you might have also seen that how embarrassing is it when the girl says no. So it’s better to find some interesting and unique ways of proposing your girlfriend so that she finds it almost impossible to say no. Following are some of the interesting and beautiful ways to ask your girlfriend to be your life partner. These ways are so amazing that your girlfriend will definitely say yes!

Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend:

  • Does your girlfriend own a pet? If yes, then you can take help from it in order to propose your girlfriend. Hide her pet somewhere with an engagement ring around its neck and tell you girlfriend that you have lost the pet. When she will find it, a beautiful engagement ring hanging around the neck of her beloved pet would definitely push her to say yes.



  • Another interesting but difficult way to propose you girlfriend is to take help from your parrot. When your girlfriend is out for a week, teach your parrot to say, “Will you marry me?” On her return, make sure to stay around her when your parrot asks that sweet question for you.



  • If you live in an apartment, then your neighbors will help you to ask your girlfriend. Ask them to turn off/on the lights in a way that it spells something like “Marry me”. Once they are done, walk with your girlfriend around the street until she sees it.


  • Switch off all the lights of your home and make a track of candles and rose petals that would lead her to a circle of candles in which your engagement ring is placed.

WILL YOU MARRY ME? Wedding proposal made with letters of rose petals

  • You can also spell your marriage proposal with the glowing stars on the ceiling of you bedroom. Turn off the lights, get into the bed and wait for her cute reaction.
  • You can also bake the ring into a cupcake and wait for her reaction whilst she is eating it.

Ring on cake 1


  • Another cute way of proposing your girlfriend is to place your ring into a balloon and fill it with helium gas. Force her to burst it and make sure she sees the ring inside.



  • Roses are always considered as a sign of love. Try placing your proposal ring inside the rose petals and give it to her at a romantic place.


  • You can also propose her by buying a goldfish for her. Place your ring at the bottom of fish bowl and make sure it is clearly visible.



These are just some of the ideas. There are a lot of other interesting ways to propose your girlfriend too. If you don’t like anyone of these you can use your imagination and can think of the elements that your girlfriend love.