“Mom! Stop Stalking me!” Eva Mandes

“Mom! Stop Stalking me!” Eva Mandes


The beautiful and stunning actress Eva Mandes has everything that a girl wants. She has a very handsome boyfriend, a great and successful career, and a loving mother who stalks her profile on Google. At least this mother cares about her daughter right?

Yes! this is true, Eva Mendes revealed this secret herself and said that her mom is keeping a track on her through Google. She further said that her mom is just like other moms who want to know everything about their daughter’s life.
Since Eva Mendes is a really successful actress, she has a lot of news and gossips online and that’s where her mother used Google to keep a track on her.
The beautiful star noted in a magazine, “The way my mother keeps track of me is looking me up. I say, ‘Please, mother, don’t Google me!'”
Eva Mandes is in a beautiful, two-year relationship with the hottest and most stunning star, Ryan Gosling. Unfortunately, Mendes won’t speak anything about her private relationship as she said in an interview with a magazine that, “You can ask about my boyfriend. I just won’t answer.”

As you know that Hollywood stars loose and gain weight in order to make them perfect for a role. Mendes’s role in ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ wanted her to be very skinny and thin. She discussed about her appearance and her skinny figure in the movie, saying, “I’ll do anything for a role. For [The] Place Beyond the Pines, I exercised a lot. I wanted my character to feel really depleted.”

However, the person who was’nt really impressed with how skinny Mandes was looking was her mother, Mrs. Mendes. Mendes said to a magazine, “My mum didn’t understand why I would want to look that way. She’s constantly telling me I’m too skinny.”
We are happy to see how Mrs. Mendes cares about her daughter, but we think that Eva Mandes is not happy with that.