Jennifer Lopez Collaborating With Taylor Swift

Jennifer Lopez Collaborating With Taylor Swift


An exciting news that will definitely amaze a lot of music lovers is that Jennifer Lopez’s new album is expected be filled with a lot of other singing sensations as well. Reports say that Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with a great singing idol, Taylor Swift for her new collaboration. Reports also confirmed that Chris Brown and Sia, the songwriter will also be featured in her upcoming album. Interesting, isn’t it? Recentlly, 44 Year old J.Lo who has recently announced her return in the Fox Entertainment’s most popular show “American Idol” as the Judge, surprised all the Taylor’s fans and audience at a concert when she came to the stage and performed the duet of her latest single ‘Jenny From The Block’. Jennifer is currently working on her eighth upcoming studio album. This interesting combination has raised the eyebrows. It looks like there was a plan for their reunion as rumors say that Taylor and J.Lo are working together for J.Lo’s new album.


An insider from the music industry told the publication about this news as a hint, noted “Both of them are huge fans of each other and excited to work together!” Both ladies can’t stop talking and gossiping each other about the last month’s performance. Taylor Swift has tweeted after the show saying: “Sang Jenny From the Block with @JLo tonight at Staples Centre. STILL FANGIRLING OUT ABOUT IT.” After that Jennifer gave Taylor a very generous reply saying: “Thank you so much for allowing our family to come and be a part of your family. To create a beautiful moment, thank you, Taylor, for being so gracious and beautiful and loving me enough to have me be here tonight. “I feel very blessed to be able to share the stage with you, and I just hope that everybody has the best show that they could ever have.”

This shows that both singing stars are ready to work together and about give listeners a really good song. Let’s wait for the next album (WENN) by Jenny which is expected to come next year.