How to do a Perfect messy bun: 30 examples

April 7th, 2015

How to do a Perfect messy bun: 30 examples

Hairstyle defines a personality of a person. Nowadays, everyone wants to adapt a hairstyle that would not take more than 5 minutes to settle. There are a lot of quick and effective ways to style your hair. A hair bun is one of them. Bun is very popular nowadays because it settles in just a few minutes. Today’s bun is not like the old times and doesn’t give a proper and tidy look as we remember. The tidiness of a bun is replaced by the messy look that gives you a stylish and glamorous feel. This style is really good for the days when you are not in a mood to spend your time layering your hair because this amazing look can be achieved in just 5 minutes. Messy bun does not depend upon the texture of your hair, so no problem if you have straight or curly, thin or thick hair. This hairstyle will definitely look good on any type of hair texture.


Remember that you can achieve this amazing hairstyle simply by pulling some of the strands around your neck and face and adding a cute accessory to the side. Following is a step-by-step tutorial that would help you to achieve this amazing messy bun.

How To Do A Perfect Messy Bun – Step by Step Guide:

Step 1:  Use your fingers to comb your hair and pull them back into a low and fine ponytail.

Step 2: Use a light weight hairspray and add a little amount of it to your ponytail. This will give your hair some extra bouncy texture.

Step 3: If you have a teasing comb or brush, use it to tease your ponytail slightly.

Step 4: This is a tricky step. After you have teased your ponytail with a comb, just wrap it around its base. When you have about 3 inches of your ponytail left in your hand, split it into different sections and give them a twist in opposite directions.

Step 5: Secure different pieces with the help of small bobby pins on the top of bun.

This is it. A perfect messy bun is ready. You can use this hairstyle for offices, schools and for shopping. Following are some of the amazing and beautiful examples of messy bun for your inspiration.

Perfect messy bun Designs