5 Healthy Benefits Of Hair Oiling

October 24th, 2013

5 Healthy Benefits Of Hair Oiling


Hair oiling is one of the most annoying things for children but on the other side, it is really good for the growth and protection of hair. Taking appropriate care of hair is something that one should not miss. Oiling hair is just like watering the plants in order to keep them growing. Strong and beautiful hair is very essential for women that serve as a tool to enhance their beauty. A lot of girls admire the actresses of movie and television that have shiny long hair and wish to have the same hair like them. Without using a lot of chemicals and products on hair like actresses do, you can also have strong and shiny hair. For this, you just have to use your grandma’s old practice and oil your hair properly and regularly. Following are some of the advantages of hair oiling.


1.       Headache Reliever:

You might not believe it but hair oiling is really helpful to relieve severe headache. Researchers showed that putting oil over hair and massaging with the fingertips works fast and best to remove headache. Headache is generally caused by the lack of muscle exercise, which is caused by the low circulation of blood inside the head. Oiling acts as a fuel that runs the machines of our body.


2.       Improves Blood Circulation:

A tiring day can cause a lot of burden over your body and mind. Hard work and lack of rest can minimize the oxygen level in our body, which is not good for health and mind. Oiling increases and improves the circulation of blood and helps to circulate the blood at any part of the body where it is needed. It is seen that regular oiling can help your mind to think better.


3.       Hair Conditioner:

Our hair also needs food to be alive like we do. Oil is one of the best foods for hair and scalp that can help the dead cells to grow grain. You will face a lot of difficulties with your hair if you stop oiling for few months. Oil helps to firm your hair roots, which reduces hair fall and hair breakage.

Hair conditioner

4.       Smoothens Rough Ends:

You have seen many people with smooth hair at the top but a set of split ends and roughened tips at the end. These split ends and rough ends can be removed by proper trimming of hair. However, in some cases, the roughened tips remain same even after you trim them. To avoid this problem oiling at the tips is a really helpful way. Oiling acts as a protective layer against rough and split ends.


5.       Treatment Of Dandruff:

Dandruff is a cause of dry and untreated scalp. Dandruff spreads when the scalp becomes so dry that it detaches from skin. If this phenomenon increases frequently, it can cause serious problems. Oiling is helpful to keep the scalp less dry and make it firm and smooth. People with a lot of dandruff are suggested to increase their oiling sessions per week.



Oiling is really necessary because it not only takes care of your hair, but it keeps your body and mind fresh and tension free. Therefore, you should follow these simple but helpful tips in order to stay fresh and keep our hair damage free.