Are Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus Breaking up?

Are Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus Breaking up?


The dashing actor Liam Hemsworth spent a fun night with a couple of his friends by her finacée Miley Cyrus was not with him.
The star of Hunger Games was spotted at the Pinz Bowling Center, California. He was with a group of 5 friends in which four are girls. Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus was not one of the girls. Hemsworth was wearing a skinny jeans with a tee. He also had a beanie cap over his head and a uneven beard. He smoked some cigarettes with his pals and laughed hard before going back inside the club, an eye witness said. All these things without a fiancée like Miley definitely raised some of the questions about their breakup.
Last time, the pair was spotted together at the red carpet of the movie Paranoia in which they were looking very distant, US Weekly said.

A source said that both the member of this couple are not very close to each other now days. “Miley and Liam acted like they didn’t even know each other the entire night. She was wearing her ring, but they acted as if they were strangers.” Source told a magazine.
Another thing that has put a lot of people in trouble about their relationship issues is that Hemsworth left Miley behind at the Toronto Film Festival 2013 where he went to support his bother and his movie. This solo appearance at Toronto Film Festival shows that he and Miley are not going well with their relationship.
We can’t say anything surely now, but signs show that they are not happy with each other, specially Hemsworth.
Recently, a scandalous video y miley known as the “Wrecking Ball” has released on 9 Sept.In this video, Miley was seen doing un-usual things with a huge metal ball. This video is called as ‘how Hemsworth feels about Miley’.
However, Hemsworth is so curious about his personal life that may be we wont find out whats actually happening between them.