Top 5 Shoe Brands For Men

Top 5 Shoe Brands For Men

Most of the men think that shoes do not have such value in fashion and they are not too much essential. This is a real blunder. It is really important for men to pay attention to their footwear. Men should take care about their shoes because most of the women judge them from their shoes. Men should throw their typical sports joggers and should wear something graceful and elegant. There are a lot of shoe brands for men that are different from each other in design and quality. Some of them are above the class. Following are five most popular and famous shoe brands that are perfect for men.


  1. Salvatore Ferragamo

Many of the big guys from Hollywood use this brand for shoes. This brand is from Italy and it gradually made a whole shoe empire that transformed the footwear with some exclusive and inventive material. Salvatore Ferragamo has more than 200 different and elegant shoe designs.


       2. Adidas:

Most of you have worn Adidas and many of you have an idea about its class and beauty. This brand has become the most favorite footwear brand for men. It always focuses in designing the sports shoes for men and giving them comfort and beauty on their feet.


3.  Amedeo Testoni

Testoni shoes are not less than a surprise. The brand has got the name from its founder. This brand was founded in Italy in the year 1929.  Amedeo Testoni shops are one of the high-class places to see when you are in Italy. With its unique and beautiful designs, you would definitely be satisfied with your footwear and its reliability. Its huge collection has taken the coolness of footwear to a completely new level.


4. Gucci:

If you are among the ones who wear shoes according to the garments, then you should definitely have a pair of Gucci shoes .It has got a huge range of shoes with amazing designs that will perfectly match with your dressing. The leather Gucci feels so appealing and it definitely will look attractive on your feet.


5. Barker Black:

If you do not like searching for different shoes for every occasion, then Barker Black is the brand u need. These shoes can go with all the occasions. No matter you are going for work or a party, Barker Black shoes are all in one that gives you a sporty as well as a formal look.



These are just five top shoe brands for men. If you are not satisfied with them or they are not in your range, then you can also go for the brands like Calvin Klein, Clarks, Aldo Armani, Converse, Hugo Boss, Nike, Rebook, Puma and many others. Remember a shoe is an important factor that makes you look different and elegant. So you should select the one which suits you the best and which is reasonable for you.