Top 10 Eye Makeup Styles to try this Year

October 24th, 2013

Top 10 Eye Makeup Styles to try this Year

Eyes, the most beautiful creation of Heaven. Being the most beautiful, they deserve to be treated beautifully. They don’t deserve to be ignored or neglected from you, but to get colored and decorated. Yes, they deserve a cool makeup with the most sensational and vivid colors. However, sometimes women may find it difficult to to do the best makeup for their eyes. What most women are not aware with, is that, there are a lot of eye makeup styles that they can try to enhance the beauty of their eyes more. Depending on the occasion, there are some perfect eye makeups that can make your peepers simply irresistible. Here’s the list of top 10 in fashion Eye Makeup Styles.

1. Cat and Defined Eyes


Your eyes decide how you look. You can look innocent with subtle eyes and look fierce with well defined cat eyes. Cat eyes with heavy liners and defined brows is all the fashion these days.

2. Butterfly Eyes


This one is more decent, trending these days. You can try this butterfly makeup for any casual or even formal party. For this, blend a variety of iridescent cream shadows -like from purple to green and to brown…working from inner to outer corners.

3. Metallic Eyeshadow


Spring 2013 is all about being loud and metallic. So, for those who love eye-catching makeup, hurray! And for those, who are afraid to try metallic eyeshadow, try this trick. During daytime, apply a small amount of metallic shadow just enough to put hint on your peepers. And when sun gets down, it’s time to pop up your look ladies and add up that metallic shadow enough to light up a room!

4. Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


Eye enhancing makeup should also be used as it helps to make your eye look bigger and beautiful. When, you want to enhance your eyes, use a dark liner -navy, charcoal, brown or black to contrast against the of your eyes and eye color. You should also use a pencil to form a beautiful shape.

5. Deal with Your Hazel Eyes


Hazel eyes are unpredictable, since its color changes sometimes. However, that’s what it makes so interesting. There are a lot of celebrities and models with hazel eyes and their makeup artists know well how to play with those peepers.

Well, there are so many things you can do with your hazel eyes. Here you can see shiny pewter. Grayish irises are good color to blend with shiny pewter eyeshadow. You can also make your eyes pop with silver or ivory.

6. Neon Eye Makeup

This time make a statement with Neon makeup. This is so fun! kinda crazy colors yet cool. It will not hurt to play around with the different colors. You can also go for colors as vivid as purple and pink.

7. Bold Smokey Eyes

Smokey, bold eyes are all time fave of all ladies. Everybody love these. Mastering the perfect smokey eye can be a li’l difficult. But don’t let that put a damper on your holiday prep. Just make sure to keep it correct by picking right lipstick color.

8. Teal Shadows


Teal is very much fashionable now-a-days. You can do this to your eyes casually. Actually, teal is a low saturated color which is a mixture of blue and green. In this eye makeup, the colors used are: blue, vibrant blue green, aqua, indigo, new terrain and oatmeal tan.

9. Lipstick Eyes


For those who don’t like heavy makeup for their eyes, then lipstick makeup is best for them. Here, you can see red lipstick is used. Red lipstick does double work, as eyeshadow + stain. And brown liner is just used to prevent a rabbit eye effect.

10. Go Naked!


Sometimes the most daring makeup look-especially when you’re getting dress up and going out-is no eye makeup at all. We saw it all over the runways. It’s rather a good choice if you’re wearing brightly colored clothing. It just come naturally that you don’t want your makeup to clash or compete. However, if you still want your eyes to pop, famous makeup artist Tom Pecheux suggests wearing nude lipstick on your lids.