7 Tips To Keep You Fresh During Summer

7 Tips To Keep You Fresh During Summer

Are you sick of sweating and unable to resist heat in the extreme hot climate? Are you having face and health problems due to hot weather? Do you need to stay cool all the summer and you just don’t know what is the right way to do it? Following are some of the helpful tips that would help you to stay fresh and cool throughout the summers. Have a look at it.

1.      Shower Every Day:

Taking shower everyday can help you a lot to stay cool and fresh all day long. Start up with warm water as it wipes the dirt more effectively. Gradually turn the shower setting to cold. This will lower the temperature of your body and will give you a fresh start.

1-Shower Every Day

2.      Use Excess Of Water:

When it comes to personal hygiene, Mother Nature knows everything that is best for you. Summer foods like berries, Watermelon, and other things contain huge amount of water in them to keep you hydrated during the summer. You probably sweat a lot in hot weather and sweating means removal of water from your body, so increase the in-take of water. Enjoy the cool things that are enriched with water.

young woman drinking with waterglass

3.      Moisturize Yourself Right After Shower:

A good tip is to use baby oil or a light moisturizing cream right after you take shower. If you use scented lotions, try not to pick the heavy ones. Coconut and Vanilla scents are heavy and they can make you feel uncomfortable and warm. Cucumber lotions are considered best for summers.

3-Moisturize Yourself

4.      Tie Your Hair Away From Your Neck And Face:

Tie up your hair so that it stays away from your face and neck. Usually, ponytails are best for summers. Wash your hair at-least twice a week. It will keep your scalp healthy and clean.

4-Tie Your Hair Away From Your Neck And Face

5.      Wear Shorts, Cotton Clothes and Sandals:

You can take help from physics to select the dresses for summer. Light colors attract less heat. So try white, orange and colors like that to keep yourself away from heat. Weight of the fabric also matters a lot. Try wearing cotton shirts instead of denim.

5-Wear Shorts

6.      Open Windows At Night:

Opening the windows before you go to sleep will let the cool breeze in and will make your home cool. By doing this,, you are avoiding the usage of air conditioner as well which consumes a lot of electricity. Keep the windows closed during the hot and sunny days to avoid humidity.

6-Open Windows At Night

7.      Use Sunscreen:

Taking sunbath is a good practice, but excess of sunlight can ruin your face. Use a sunscreen when you go out in a sunny day to protect your skin from the harmful rays of Sun.

Woman Applying Sunscreen


These are some of the tips and tricks to keep you fresh and cool throughout the summer. Remember if you are cool and fresh, then you can perform things better without any kind of mental or physical stress. So follow these simple tips to make your summers refreshing.