How to wave your Hair: Complete Guide!

How to wave your Hair: Complete Guide!

Do you like bouncy waving hair? Do you have silky long hair and you want them to bounce? It’s a fact that people with straight hair like waves and people with waves want to have straight hair. Waving your hair is an easy task but it could harm your hair if you use heating products like hot rollers and hot iron straightners. If you want to have curly and shiny waves without damaging your hair, then following are some of the tips that would help you out.

How to wave your Hair!

1.      Braiding:

Some people might won’t believe it but yes! Braiding your hair is the healthiest way to wave hair. Braiding depends on how much waves do you want. For this, you have to divide your slightly damp hair into small and even sections. If you want tight waves, braid tight while if you want soft and loose waves, then braid loosely. Secure the bottom edge of your braid with a strip of a cloth. Braiding at night will prevent hair damage by letting you not to stretch and pull your hair while sleeping.

2.      Use Floral Wires:

This is another interesting way of getting wavy hair. You can easily have perm-like waves with the help of floral wire. Take small strips of floral wire of your hair length and fold them in half. Now stick your hair next to the bend and gently twist you hair into the bend to make it secure. One you are done, weave your hair in a criss-cross pattern. When you reach the end, bind the last two inches of your hair around the bend wire. Be very careful when removing the wires as this could harm you.

3.      Curlers:

Yes! You can also use curlers to wave your hair. If you want curls, roll you hair tight but if you want shiny waves, roll your hair on large rollers. Try not to use hot rollers. They not only damage your hair but also dry it out which won’t curl your hair in a right way. You can use rubber rollers, cloth rollers sponge rollers, etc. If you want really tight curls, you can also use straws as a roller. There are a lot of ways to wave your hair professionally, but this idea might not suit you because professionals use chemicals that are not good for your hair.

4.      Conditioner:

One last way to wave your hair is to use a good quality conditioner. Don’t use such conditioners that add weight to your hair.

These are some of the easy and healthy ways to wave your hair. Wavy hairs look really good and give a glamorous look. Look at the picture below as an inspiration. This is another way to have cool waves.