How to make nails stronger and Beautiful: 5 Tips!

How to make nails stronger and Beautiful: 5 Tips!

How to make nails stronger and Beautiful? The answer is here. Nails are like hair, you want them to grow because they make you look prettier. Some people think that growing nails is an easy task but it takes a lot of effort and hard work to grow healthy strong and pretty nails. If you want your nails to be strong and beautiful like people on TV have, then you should follow these simple and effective tips. They will help you to grow your nails and make them healthy.

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1. Stop Biting Them:

Biting nails is a kind of addiction and unusual habit. It’s hard to stop biting nails but there are a lot of ways to stop nail biting. Plenty of things are there in the market that can help you to stop and avoid this habit. Pick up bitter nail polishes from the grocery store and apply it on your bare nail. You have to apply the nail polish again after few days in order to keep the bitter taste.


2. Keep Nail Files:

Nails break easily. The thing that can cause nail breakage is its uneven length. So you have to keep nail files with you and whenever you see an uneven nail, file it to the same shape, size and length as others. One thing to avoid splitting of a nail is to file in one direction.


3. Eat Good:

This tip is not essential for your nails only; it’s good for your body too. Make a habit to take plenty of essential vitamins. Eggs and milk have a lot of zinc in it, which is really beneficial for strong nails. So try eating a boil egg daily with a glass of milk.


4.      Wear Gloves While Working:

If you are doing housework with bare nails, then you are doing a lot of harm to your nails. Whenever working at home, wear vinyl gloves in order to keep your nails away from harmful chemicals. Don’t forget to put on a good quality lotion before wearing gloves.


5. Moisturize Your Nails:

Fingernails are just like hair and skin. They also dry. Keep your nails hydrated. Before going to bed, put some amount of moisturizer on your hands and cuticles. They will keep your nails hydrated and won’t let them dry.


6. Use Nail Polish:

Using a nail polish locks all the moisture in your cuticles and nails and keeps them healthy and strong.  Apply double coat nail polish over your nails. This practice will stop the chipping of nails and will make them stronger. If you don’t have time to apply double coat, you can buy an anti chip varnish from the market.



Some of the tips are discussed above that would keep your nails strong and healthy. It is really important to keep your nails healthy. Improper care of the nails can cause serious problems that could harm you.  So it’s important to follow these tips and stay healthy.