Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands For Women

Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands For Women

When it comes to shoes most women would declare that they are indeed a big weakness. A testimony to this universal fact is that there are many designers in the luxury shoe segment who design shoes that are pricey and much sought after. Here is a list of the most popular brands of luxury footwear from across the globe:

Jimmy Choo: Jimmy Choos are a known luxury lifestyle brand that is known for their stylish and glamorous footwear. This brand can be traced back to a specialist shoemaker by the name Jimmy Choo who worked for the Jet setters on a global level. The brand and company was launched in 1996. Known for making sexy shoes with superb workmanship this brand enjoys much popularity among the rich, the famous and the beautiful. Though shoes are still their main offering they now are also offering scarves, handbags, leather goods, eyewear, fragrances, belts, sunglasses and men’s shoes.

1-Jimmy Choo

Christian Louboutin:  This shoe designer picked up his skills as an apprentice in the dressing room of Paris’ fcabaret, Folies Bergère. He started his early years designing footwear for some big names in fashion after which he opened his own business in 1992. Though he still operates his business from the same address his shoes are now available in more than 46 countries. He too has several celebrities under his belt bit is still very considerate of those who are not that famous. He made an appearance at Saks 5th avenue in New York city to spend time autographing shoes.

2-Christian Louboutin

Louis Vuitton: Know for being fashionable, chic, stylish and elegant people love products from this brand. Not only that the products from this brand also promise and deliver superb craftsmanship, comfort and excellent quality of work.

3-Louis Vuitton

Gucci: They have great name in the world of leather goods for almost an entire century and have also established a good name in clothing, accessories and jewelry. Women adore the great quality shoes from this brand that had been revived by known shoe designer Tom Ford. They offer excellent and elegant designs that are solid and durable.


Manola Blahnik:  For decades now Manolo Blahnik has been a top brand for luxury shoes. Women covet these shoes and the designer is known as the most influential across the world. People love this shoe for the sexy stiletto heels, lovely embroidery detail work and one of a kind design.

5-Manola Blahnik

Walter Steiger: For designs that stand out and are innovative this brand is considered on of the classics.  Steiger is part of this list for his influence on the design of modern shows with clean lines and smooth looking designs that tend to be minimalistic. The use of good quality material makes this brand stand out apart from the excellent workmanship.

6-Walter Steiger

Stuart Weitzman: He is known for his one of a kind and very expensive shoes. He is renowned for cladding the feet of nominees of the Academy awards. He uses expensive and often unique materials that include gold, vinyl, Lucite and wallpaper in his shoes. The heels on his shoes can be made from the most shocking of things like bamboo, stainless steel, chrome and acrylic. 

7-Stuart Weitzman

Miu Miu: Being part of Prada, Miu Miu started business in 1993 to become a well known shoe brand known for being fashionable and high end. The styles are innovative and have a vibrant youthful look.

8-Miu Miu

Salvatore Ferragamo: This is a brand that goes with the feel of innovation and utter luxury. They offer shoes that are high end and luxurious, leather goods, accessories, fragrances and also clothing for both genders. The style is innovative and the workmanship is really good in shoes of this brand.

9-Salvatore Ferragamo

Givenchy: Founded in the year 1952 this brand is synonymous with luxury. This brand is sought after by many celebrities for their luxury apparel and shoes.  In fact they can lay claim to have the second biggest division for apparels.


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