15 Most Famous Scandals of Hollywood

July 10th, 2013

15 Most Famous Scandals of Hollywood

While talking about the most spicy and crunchy gossips of Hollywood, Scandals of Hollywood comes at first.  We all know that Hollywood couples provide as much entertainment from their personal lives as they do from their movies. Sometimes even more so. One of the things that is avidly reported is about their extra marital affairs or in case they are not married then about their infidelity.  Here are some instances of when the mighty have slipped and left their better halves feeling bitter.

According to reports, this is the spicy collection of  15 Most Famous Scandals of Hollywood which allows you to get some knowledge about the personal lives of your favorite Hollywood stars.

Scandals of Hollywood

Jesse James was thrown out by Sandra Bullock when he was found to be unfaithful. This happened just a fortnight after she had won the first academy award for the movie “The Blind Side”.

Scandals of Hollywood

Meg Ryan was reported to have said that her husband at that time Dennis Quaid was never faithful to her. She had her revenge by publicly having an affair with Russell Crowe. The couple’s marriage ended in divorce.

Scandals of Hollywood (1)

Ethan Hawke is supposed to have cheated on his wife of those days Uma Thurman because he believed that she was having an affair with Quentin Tarantino. They later got divorced.

Scandals of Hollywood (2)

Scarlett Johansen’s boyfriend Josh Hartnett is reported to have cheated on her with an unknown woman from Australia while Scarlett was working for a film in England.

Scandals of Hollywood (3)

The denials of Bill Clinton about his reported affair with intern Monica Lewinsky still continues to ring in our ears.

Scandals of Hollywood (4)

Jude Law is known to have cheated with his kids’ nanny while he was engaged to Sienna Miller.

Scandals of Hollywood (5)

Dave Miller cheated on wife Carmen Electra by having a fling with Jenae Alt.

Scandals of Hollywood (6)

Nick Carter cheated on Paris Hilton with Ashlee Simpson  after assuming that Paris had slept with co star Chad Michael Murray.

Scandals of Hollywood (7)

Reports of Brad Pitt cheating on his then wife Jennifer Anniston was a topic of discussion and scandal. It was alleged that he was cheating with his now fiancée Angelina Jolie. But the pair denied this and said they go involved after the divorce.

Scandals of Hollywood (8)

The golden couple Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson of the Twilight saga also faced problems when Kristen admitted to kissing her move director Rupert Sanders. The couple had faced problems due to this ending in a breakup.

Scandals of Hollywood (9)

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes have both cheated on their respective partners and caused a huge scandal that still has murmurs.

Scandals of Hollywood (10)

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher who were supposed to be the golden couple too broke up with rumors of Ashton with Sara Leal. Their romance came apart after this scandal.

Scandals of Hollywood (11)

Hugh Grant is known to have had an affair with a prostitute Divine Brown leading to the break of his engagement to Elizabeth Hurley.

Scandals of Hollywood (12)

Though there are denials on this cheating Josh Duhamel is known to have cheated on Fergie with a stripper named Nicole Forrester.

Scandals of Hollywood (13)

Chad Ochochino is reported to have cheated on Evelyn Lozado even just before they tied the knot.

Scandals of Hollywood (14)

Infidelity or cheating on one’s spouse or partner is not a phenomenon restricted to the rich and the famous. It happens in many ordinary lives but the thing is that we tend to give more importance to celebrity cheating as their lives are public. Being in the public eye makes them more vulnerable to rumors and each of their moves is made known to the public.

Whether the cheating happens in celebrity relationship or to ordinary folks, it always leaves an unpleasant mark on things. The aggrieved party feels inadequate and insecure and the other two people feel guilty and exposed. It is a matter that all of us should think about and try to refrain from.

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