100 Most Gorgeous Ladies of the Year

100 Most Gorgeous Ladies of the Year

Each year sites and publications across the world take up this task, which no doubt is a an amazing but agonizing exercise. After all you get to look at and evaluate women who are smart, gorgeous and talented. You can take your time to judge and assess as to who is the best looking of them all. The latest of the lists which seem to be absolutely popular and essential came out in Los Angeles Times which seems to be unranked which makes a great change. The description goes on to talk about celebrities who brighten the day with their smiles among other things.

A few other publications are quite honest and about the way they have ranked the celebrities. Men’s health magazine has been open and called it the lust list. They have said that while the ladies on the list are smart and quite successful, the undeniable fact is that they are also very hot. That they say was their main yardstick. The interesting fact is that most of these lists seem to agree on this. Whether it is the “Top 100” from Maxim or “Most Beautiful” from People, about 11 of these ladies qualified for the top 10 in more than single list.

A peek at Men’s Health, Maxim, People and Reddit showed some consistency even in the seemingly inconsistent results. Looks like 5 of the women who topped in some of the lists were not even seen in the other lists. Take for instance Miley Cyrus who was ranked 1 at Maxim, but was not to be found at all in the L.A Times. Or the other case in point is Gwyneth Paltrow, who was totally missing from all other magazines but topped in People’s.

We guess that every man has his own standard of what is hot.

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