10 Best Perfumes For Men in 2013

10 Best Perfumes For Men in 2013

When we talk about perfumes or fragrances for men the normal inclination of people is to come up with a list of harsh and often jarring deodorants or aftershave lotions. While these are essential, one should know that there is a world of heavenly and really sophisticated perfumes for men. These are subtle and very masculine and you can layer them with the right deodorant and aftershave to smell good on the whole. If you do not know what the choices are for men in terms of perfumes, here is a list that will get you sorted.

Best Perfumes For Men in 2013

Floris: Started in the 18th century Floris Limes was originally supposed to alleviate the bad odors of people living in a crowded city. This concept may still apply in today’s world where people are still crammed into smaller places. The perfume is a classic and still smells great. The essence of this perfume comes from fresh and energizing limes and the lingering note and the stronger smell notes are added by using musk.

Eros: This is a new perfume from Versace. While it does not come with the tall promise to convert you into a love god it is still good. This is an extravagant scent containing notes of apple, cedarwood, ,mint and lemon.

Czech & Speake: This refreshing scent has been put together drawing inspiration from a formula that dates back to the 18th century, purportedly for Napolean Bonaparte. As opposed to citrus based perfumes that lack depth, this one has a kick and has added heat by the use of ylang ylang.
3-Czech & Speake

Summer: This perfume has been launched as a limited version for the upcoming summer season. The heart notes are made up of thyme and there are also some spring scents and the invigorating lift from citrus. The perfume is sold in a really captivating aquamarine bottle. It is a great addition to the line of perfumes from Burberry.
4-summer perfume

Intuition for Men:  The Estee Lauder perfume is supposed to capture the essence of the very personal and special thing called intuition, in the form of a scent in a bottle. Though this may not be strictly true you cannot deny that the perfume is good. It is composed of resin amber and the perfume gives off an aura of strength and warmth.
5-Intuition for Men

Neroli Portofino: This perfume from Tom Ford is strengthened by amber, and  uplifted by notes of orange blossom. This puts it firmly in the category of being a unisex perfume. All you need is a smidgen of it and you can take the world by storm.
6-Neroli Portofino

L’eau du Trente-Quatre:  There are many who will change fragrance when the mood strikes them and if you are in mood for something light and lightly then Diptyque is the one you are looking for. It is a rather simple fragrance that still packs a punch. You get a mix of citrus mingled with geranium that dries down to a hefty bit of musk.
7-L’eau du Trente-Quatre

Dries van Noten for Frederic Malle: This one is inspired by the designer’s roots, namely Flemish. There is a note of sandalwood in the center for warmth and then there is addition of vanilla and Jasmine that is a great combination
8-Dries van Noten for Frederic Malle

Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo: This one is a perfume for today – that is modern. The mixture has violet and bergamot which is quite powerful without being overpowering. It is a well rounded fragrance that is suitable for day wear as well as evening wear.
9-Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo

Caroline Herrera 212:  This is one more that comes in a limited edition and that too in a blue bottle that reminds of the sunny skies.  This one has a good mixture of pepper, grapefruit and mandarin that will keep your senses tickled.
10-Caroline Herrera 212