Wives Submit to Your Husbands: MUST READ

Wives Submit to Your Husbands: MUST READ

Wives Submit to Your Husbands, This is a quote that is part of the Bible and people have had strong opinions about this quote. In this article we will try and approach this subject from not a religious but social point of view. Firstly we should know that when this quote was penned things were vastly different from what it is now. In those days women were rarely allowed or needed to leave the confines of the home, make a living or struggle with outside things. This made them housebound creatures who looked after their household, their men and their children. Given this one would assume that they lacked proper knowledge of the outside world nor did they have the guile to deal with things that were not straightforward.

The man in turn was cast in the role of protector and provider. They would hunt, cultivate, trade and mine to provide their womenfolk with food, shelter, clothing and protection from all things. It seemed like a fair trade that a woman bowed down to man and listened to him and obeyed him to a reasonable extent.

Let us take a look at today’s world. Women today are out in the world and they earn, they fight and do almost anything that men do. In fact they do many things that a few years ago would have been beyond the imagination of most people. Given this is a woman required to submit to her husband. Maybe yes, to the extent that it keeps peace and harmony in a marital life.

Since respect and authority come with a price, men in their turn would have to submit to their wives in things like:

  • Acknowledging and respecting all the work a woman does to run the home, raise the children while juggling outside tasks. This also applies to women who do not work outside the home. This is so because today’s woman is capable and strong enough to morally, mentally and even physically support her spouse in all aspects of the life. She deserves to be respected.
  • Promising to be just and fair in all dealings. Men need to acknowledge that women will work with them in terms of keeping a relationship going only when they too commit to being fair in terms of loyalty and dedication.
  • Men promise not to make a display of their physical superiority by resorting to force and violence. Nature has seen it fit to make men a little less vulnerable and a little stronger than women. And men should vow not to use this aspect to bulldoze over women, instead use it to protect.
  • Men should submit to their wives or partners by acknowledging the fact that women may be physically more vulnerable but they are stronger in terms of mental strength. This is true women have remarkable strength of mind which makes them more tolerant and balance. Men are better of acknowledging this.
  • Promise that while men and women cannot be equal due to their fundamental differences, not to assume that this does not make them superior. Men are good at some things, while women excel at others and this is what makes them ideal mates and makes things work. It is important for men to realize and accept this.

The conclusion here is that a woman should submit to her mate in certain aspects if she feels that he is worth it and he reciprocates by submitting to her in aspects that she is stronger in. This may sound a little idealistic but the fact is that men and women are two parts of one whole and working together using their respective strengths is the way to go.,